Growth – how much we want, what it will bring – permeates Palm Beach County decision-making these days.

Jobs, traffic, schools. Nature and property rights. Our quality of life. All are at stake.

As county leaders set a course, The Post will bring you voices from players in the debate, exploring the issues through their eyes. 

Part 1

Builders: Growth ‘a reality,’ natural and good

Is the county's growth a problem? Not if you ask developers. We talk to the key players in Palm Beach County's growth boom.

Part 2

Preservationists: Palm Beach County letting growth go too far too fast

Some worry Palm Beach County is moving too fast and too far as development roars back in the post-recession era.

Part 3

Nursery owners: Fighting unfair rules or ‘a little greedy’?

In one of the county's key agricultural areas, some landowners worry development rules are too tough. And they say those rules are depressing the value of their property.

Part 4

Policymakers: Referee fight over growth, unloved by both sides

Standing squarely in the middle of the battle, often taking blows from both sides, is the Palm Beach County Commission and planning staff members. And what a formidable task they face.

Part 5

A tale of two Ag Reserves: Palm Beach County’s vs. one in Maryland

Both are called "agricultural reserves." But Palm Beach County's differs in key ways from one set up in Montgomery County, Md.


Mapping Our Growth

Stronger shades of purple show higher rates of population increases.