Palm Beach: Fabulous and surprisingly accessible

Updated Sept 11, 2015

Now’s the time to get away to that paradise right across the Intracoastal — Palm Beach.

I spent last Sunday night in a fabulous suite with its own patio at the Brazilian Court Hotel — $228 through a deal I scored on Expedia — and I feel as recharged and cosmopolitan as if I’d gone to another country.

Have $25? Then you can enjoy a three-course lunch (with tip!) at some of the island’s best restaurants during Flavor Palm Beach in September. Have $10? Then you can enjoy a delicious lunch anytime at Cafe Delamar, a cozy local favorite tucked into Via de Mario off Worth Avenue. (They’ll be back from vacation on Sept. 28.)

The island belongs to all of us, and it’s a fantasyland, showing off excesses of privilege — lots of interesting plastic surgery, curious couples and outfits worthy of the Kardashians — even in the dead of summer.

I wandered Worth Avenue, dined at the exquisite Cafe Boulud inside the Brazilian Court, scored a $45 shirt (on sale from $129) at Calypso St. Barth … and reminded myself to come here more often.

The architectural details and treasures you can find on the vias that branch out from Worth Avenue are pure delight. Thank you, Addison Mizner. (Not only did architect Mizner bury his spider monkey Johnnie Brown in Via Mizner, he sculpted Johnnie’s little face into one of the via’s iron gates.)

Cafe Boulud’s “Piggie Burger” — house-smoked pulled pork atop a burger, with jalapeno mayonnaise and slaw, normally $22 on its own — is one of three entree selections on Boulud’s $20 three-course lunch menu for Flavor Palm Beach.

I chased my burger with a Palm Beach Lemonade (Sobieski vodka, X-Rated Fusion liqueur and fresh lemon, $16), the perfect summer refreshment on a tranquil Palm Beach summer weekend.