Scott Frost says time is right for Nebraska football ‘renaissance’

  • Stephen Pianovich
  • Land of 10
Dec 07, 2017

Scott Frost joined radio host Jim Rome on Thursday to discuss his new job at Nebraska.

Frost explained why he wanted to return home and what the hiring process was like. He also laid out the reasons for why he thinks this is the right time for a “renaissance” for the Cornhuskers program.

“I think the time is right to see a renaissance in Lincoln, Nebraska,” Frost said.

He added: “When I was at Nebraska, there wasn’t a classier organization in the country, there wasn’t a more successful organization in the country. I have no reason to believe we can’t get it running that way again.”

Frost, 42, was the quarterback of Nebraska’s undefeated National Championship team in 1997, and his new mission is to help return Nebraska to its former glory.

Frost was announced as Nebraska’s head coach shortly after coaching Central Florida to an American Athletic Conference  title on Saturday afternoon. He was introduced back in Lincoln on Sunday and held his first press conference.
He answered more questions with Rome on Thursday, including how he thinks he can entice recruits to come to Lincoln.

“There’s absolutely no reason we can’t get kids to Lincoln, Nebraska,” Frost said. “Kids leave places right now and go everywhere around the country. There’s no reason kids won’t go to Lincoln if they’re going to Columbus, Ann Arbor, and Eugene, Oregon. And I think we’re going to create an environment, a football environment in Lincoln that people are going to want to be a part of.”

Frost’s full interview with Rome can be found here.


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