Injured Florida State quarterback Deondre Francois applauds James Blackman’s play thus far

Oct 25, 2017
  • By Thomas Conroy
  • Diehards

Waiting for the potential of a young athlete’s talents to fully blossom can be a frustrating process. On one possession, they can show glimpses of their athleticism that crowns them the best in their recruiting class, then on the next series, they make mistakes that highlights their inexperience on the field.

Florida State is going through this predicament after being forced to start true freshman quarterback James Blackman following a season-ending knee injury to incumbent Deondre Francois in the first game of the season.

Despite his struggles in games, Francois is one of the Blackman’s biggest supporters and pleads for Seminole fans to show some patience during his developmental stage on the field.

“QB is doing a wonderful job, I don’t care what nobody has to say,” Francois said in a Tuesday social media post that was reported by website, “He [is] doing a wonderful job. I love James Blackman. See, what you don’t understand, a lot of you, as far as me and just myself, what you don’t understand is James just came from high school, coming into a system like Florida State’s is not an easy task.”

Francois was responding to the criticism he had on seen on social media following Saturday’s 31-28 home loss to Louisville. Blackman has three turnovers (two interceptions and a late fumble) in the game. But if you look at the statistical numbers more closely, the freshman isn’t the sole reason why FSU is 2-4 on the year. In fact, Blackman has completed over 60 percent of his passes and thrown for over 1,000 yards on the season. However, his touchdown passes-interception ratio is the sticky point, as the youngster has thrown 7 TDS and 6 ints in 5 games played this season. Still, not a bad performance level for a quarterback less than a year out of high school.

Florida State travels to Boston College on October 27, with kickoff scheduled for 8:00 p.m. on ESPN.

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