Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher feels his offensive line isn’t a weakness

  • Thomas Conroy
  • Diehards
Sept 28, 2017

After listening to Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher commenting on the play of his offensive line, you come away thinking they’re not the Seminoles weakest unit on the roster.

“Offensive line didn’t do a bad job,” Fisher said to Noles 247 Sports writer Brendan Sonnone,  “We had a missed assignment on a chip, on two chips that weren’t offensive line, and the offensive line got beat twice, but other than that we moved the football.”

Watching their performance against North Carolina State last Saturday, it looked like the Wolfpack front seven was creating havoc in FSU’s backfield. The defense sacked Florida State quarterback James Blackman 4 times in the contest, and hit him an additional 10 times after releasing the ball. That means Blackman was hit by an opponent 14 of his 44 drop-backs or 31. 8 percent of the snaps taken by the offense.  An alarming high percentage to the casual observer.

Evaluating an offensive line can be a tricky process because so much has to be taken into consideration before grading them a success or failure. After closer look, the Seminoles offensive line did a respectful job in their 27-21 loss to NC State. They provide a clean pocket for Blackman, with most of the pressure coming after 2.5 seconds. Let’s not forget that a true freshman was making his first collegiate start, his initial reads and holding the football too long probably contributed to the sacks and hits after the pass attempt.

FSU’s line did an adequate job of opening holes for the running game, as they ran for 104 yards (4.0 yards per carry) on the day. The lone issue was that Florida State became an one dimensional offense after falling behind 27-16 in the second half.

The Seminoles travel to Wake Forest this Saturday at 3:30 p.m. ET on ABC.

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