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Another woman alleges sexual misconduct by Kavanaugh during college years


A new class of antibiotic resistant germs are showing up in hospitals and nursing homes. The Post found 12 outbreaks in 6 years, but you and your doctor probably haven’t heard about them.

What you and your doctor may not know

Six years ago, 10 people in Broward County contracted a deadly antibiotic-resistant bacteria with a mortality rate of nearly 70 percent. Alarmed, top U.S. infection control specialists called for "urgent action" to contain the new supergerms. But that didn't happen. Since then, Florida has had at least 11 more outbreaks, yet the public doesn't know where or how extensive.


The 12 outbreaks: What we found out

A burn unit, multiple ICUs, several long-term care hospitals: The Post found 12 "nightmare" bacteria outbreaks scattered across Florida health facilities since 2008. In many cases, one institution's problem became an entire region's.


Mom was recovering, then 'she was gone'

Nancy Blume's daughter and Leonard Zalac's wife had no idea that their loved ones died infected with the "nightmare" bacteria. No one told them about the large outbreak in the Tampa Bay area – until The Post called years later.


The Future: Health care without antibiotics?

Old-fashioned best practices such as hand washing and new-tech devices such as robots may be key to preventing the next outbreak. Delray Medical is analyzing data to achieve some of the best infection scores in the state despite treating the sickest patients.


Transplant with 'ick' factor shows great success in Boca

One woman's 10-month fight against antibiotic-resistant diarrhea ended after she got a most unusual transplant.



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