UPDATE: ‘No-swim’ advisory ends at Boynton-area park, remains in Jupiter

Nov 17, 2017
A no-swimming advisory issued this week Boynton Beach’s Ocean Inlet Park Beach has been lifted, but a similar advisory for Dubois Park in Jupiter remains in effec

A “no-swimming” advisory issued this week for Ocean Inlet Park in Ocean Ridge has been lifted, state health officials said Friday.

A similar advisory for Dubois Park in Jupiter, however, remains in effect, since bacteria levels in the water remain high.

Samples must be under 70 colonies for the advisories to be lifted, the Florida Department of Health said.

It was unclear what caused the rise in levels of enterococcus, a bacteria that can cause stomach distress and infect open wounds. Runoff following recent rains, heavy recreational use, the presence of wildlife and heavy surf and tides are common sources.

The advisories do not close beaches. Those who go into the water are urged to shower promptly upon leaving it.