VIDEO: Miami-Dade mall closed after panic, but no shots fired

Dec 23, 2017

The Aventura Mall in northeast Miami-Dade County was shut down tonight in the midst of the last-minute Christmas shopping rush after panic erupted over a rumored shooting that proved to be false.

Aventura police tweeted around 7:30 about a "possible incident" at the mall after dozens of Twitter users said they heard what sounded like gunshots. The mall was evacuated after being placed on lockdown, the Miami Herald reported.

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There were conflicting reports of where the alleged shots might have come from, and nobody said they actually saw a shooting. "We didn’t see anything but fools started running," shopper Anna Maria Madrid told the Herald.

At 8 p.m., Aventura police tweeted that there was no evidence of a shooting but that people should stay out of the area. The panic created a traffic jam as people tried to flee. 

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Similar incidents were reported earlier this year at two other Miami-Dade malls. 

The Aventura Mall will reopen Sunday morning, police said.

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