NEW: Florida moped riders under 21 would need helmet under proposed law

Nov 18, 2017
A 51-year-old man who wasn’t wearing a helmet died in a crash involving his scooter and a SUV in Port St. Lucie in June. (Port St. Lucie police)

The days of young adults in Florida under age 21 tooling around on mopeds and scooters without helmets may be numbered. 

A bill filed in late September passed the state Senate’s transportation committee Tuesday and is on track for a vote on the Senate floor, the Gainesville Sun reports. 

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Under the current law, those 16 and older do not need to wear a helmet while riding or operating a moped or scooter. The bill filed by Sen. Keith Perry, a Republican from Gainesville, would make the law the same as the one that applies to motorcyclists, requiring a helmet for anyone under 21.

Those caught breaking the law would get a traffic ticket.

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Many deaths in crashes involving motorcycles, scooters and mopeds occur because riders aren't wearing a helmet, Perry told the Sun. Opponents argue that the government shouldn't dictate whether or not someone wears a helmet.

Perry's bill is due for another committee vote before it heads to the Senate floor. A similar bill in the House was filed Nov. 8 by Chuck Clemons, a Republican from Newberry.

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