POINT OF VIEW: Clinic to be a neighbor delivering medicine

Recently, there has been some discussion about the location of a dispensary that Modern Health Concepts is opening in Lake Worth because of its proximity to a public charter school, the Academy for Positive Learning.

In an effort to be a good community partner and resolve this issue with our neighbors, Modern Health Concepts has refrained from litigating this matter in the press; but, now we feel we must respond and set the record straight.

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First, it is important to understand Modern Health Concepts’s top priority is to deliver high-quality medical cannabis to patients that badly need it. Since the implementation of Amendment 2, which was passed in Palm Beach County with just over 74 percent of the vote – a higher percentage than it passed with statewide – we have sought to appropriately position dispensaries where patients can access this medicine.

The Lake Worth dispensary, once operational, will deliver a range of all-natural cannabis products, such as oils, capsules and creams to offer patients relief, including offering Haleigh’s Hope, cannabis oil that has provided tremendous relief to individuals suffering from severe epilepsy, cancer or muscle spasticity. We are proud of the mission we have built and our ability to provide this needed medicine to our fellow Floridians who are suffering.

Beyond our priority of delivering quality medicine to sick Floridians, we have gone to great lengths to ensure we are good stewards in the community, in compliance with all laws and regulations, and operating in a safe and secure environment. As with all of our dispensaries, at the Lake Worth facility we will have strict security measures in place, such as cameras and round-the-clock security personnel presence. We also have a very stringent entrance policy to the facility.

Even knowing we have taken these significant measures, some have continued to suggest the dispensary will attract the wrong type of individuals; but, with our round-the-clock security personnel coupled with our strong relationship with local law enforcement, I can say with confidence that will not happen.

In fact, this facility will be no different then your neighborhood pharmacy, only with stricter security measures in place limiting who can and cannot enter the facility. Simply put, this is not the type of place that unsavory characters will want to seek out or frequent.

Finally, as a matter of common courtesy, we hope there can be more truth in this discussion. I personally placed a phone call to Academy for Positive Learning’s principal, Renatta Espinoza, which I can only assume was immediately passed on to her attorney, as I received a phone call from him shortly after and we spoke for roughly 30 minutes.

From the start, Modern Health Concepts has been a good community partner, willing to work with all of those in the community to make sure their concerns are addressed and alleviated. While this facility has already been cited and approved by state and local officials, and we have invested significantly in making this location operational for those patients that have been waiting for this medicine, we want to foster an open dialogue with our neighbors, in order to work toward a solution together.


Editor’s note: Roberts is chief executive officer of Modern Health Concepts.

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