Letters Use technology to keep bad kids home

Use technology to

keep bad kids home

Recently, a letter from a reader said that schools should not have to assume the role of parents in making sure their children are respectful, attentive and generally good citizens. I and the vast majority of the school taxpaying public wholeheartedly agree. Schoolteachers are hired and paid to teach students, not to oversee disrespectful attendees.

The introduction of technology may be the answer to restoring public schools to where they were in the 1950s, ’60s and early ’70s. Schools then were institutions of learning; teachers and administrators were respected and obeyed; parents were advised when their children misbehaved and were expected to remedy the situation. Discipline was meted out when needed, and the public school systems flourished.

Technology in 2018 should allow schools to send students who are discipline problems home with the opportunity to be educated online. Parents who are incapable of sending students to school who are respectful, disciplined and prepared to learn can keep that child home and allow him or her to get lessons and education via the internet.

It’s about time that school superintendents and principals stand up for the teachers and put together a program that eliminates bad actors from contaminating the school environment.


Obamacare signups

fine, but how many pay?

It appears that virtually all the recent news coverage of Obamacare has focused only on the number of individuals signing up. What has not been covered by the press is the number of those signers who end up failing to pay their premiums either immediately after enrolling or during subsequent months.

This is important information for the public to know as we all attempt to digest the future value of Obamacare.


Shame on Fox for

pandering to Trump

Unfortunately, under the continued bludgeoning of our premier law enforcement agency, the FBI, by the members of Fox News, particularly Sean Hannity and Jeanine Pirro, the president appears transfixed on undermining our basic institutions.

He began his administration with attacks on our intelligence community, and as he continues to deny Russian meddling in the 2016 election his total lack of concern with the pillars of a democratic republic, free and unfettered elections and a free press is not only disheartening but dangerous.

Attacking the press and claiming fake news whenever they seek to do their jobs if it doesn’t compliment or flatter him is a political ploy which sets the stage for firing the special counsel Robert Mueller down the road.

The fact of Russian interference is inarguable. The questions that need to be answered are how they did it and who if anyone from this country knew or assisted. There can be no simple and premature conclusion that Russia didn’t interfere simply because Mueller hasn’t yet completed his investigation.

Television personalities like Pirro, who was herself a district attorney in Westchester County, New York, should certainly know better. An investigation has to be thorough and exhaustive, and until such time as all the evidence is reviewed there can be no statement one way or the other on the outcome.

Shame on her and shame on Fox News for pandering to an audience of one in the White House to the detriment of the national interest and our Republic.


Editor’s note: Michael Edelman was the Republican candidate for Congress from Westchester in 1978 and ran the judicial campaigns of Pirro prior to her becoming D.A.

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