Letters Train deck stacked in operators’ favor

Train deck stacked

in operators’ favor

Train horns to continue for a while, say the Brightline railroad moguls. Ever wonder why you cannot operate a loud business in your neighborhood? Or drive your hot rod or motorcycle up and down a residential street at maximum throttle? The reason, and justifiably so, is that there are anti-noise ordinances so residents can enjoy their property in peace and quiet.

The anti-horn and train activists have fought hard to reduce train traffic, the decibel level of crossing horns and to maintain safety.

The question is, why bother? Most, if not all, the efforts have failed. The train companies have all the regulations stacked in their favor. Your complaints and everybody else’s are a total waste of time.

The moral of the story is we the people really can’t do anything about it. And the railroad companies, from a business point of view, are very happy about that.


E-Verify better than

wall to stop immigrants

With DACA (the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program) on the front burner, and with it other items related to immigration reform, now is a time to rethink building a physical barrier between Mexico and the U.S.

If the point of the wall is to stop the flow of illegal immigration from our southern border, maybe there is a better and more efficient way to accomplish that goal. Many immigrants come from other ways than crossing our southern border, like overstaying their visas and temporary work visas.

Since most of these immigrants are here to work, they should have to prove they are eligible. E-Verify is a federal program that can be used to certify a person is legally here and eligible to work in the U.S., so why not make it mandatory for all business and employers to use?

Instead of using billions of dollars to build a wall, use that money for Homeland Security to hire more people to enforce a law requiring all business and employers to comply or face penalties. Using E-Verify makes so much more practical sense than building a physical wall as it deals with undocumented immigrants no matter how they came to the U.S.

This would probably lead to lower unemployment levels and better wages for American workers along with slowing the number of immigrants trying to enter the country illegally.


North county traffic

got you down? Tough

If you live or work near PGA Boulevard, U.S. 1, Ellison Wilson Road, or use the PGA bridge, get ready for gridlock.

The Alabama owners of the retail center located one-third mile north of PGA and U.S. 1 on the west side requested a zoning change. Moving from commercial to residential, the owners want to build 250 one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments on 11 acres.

While most of U.S. 1 is commercial, residential density between U.S. 1 and Ellison Wilson is either seven or 12 units per acre. Planners expect no additional traffic on Juno Road and no traffic study was done on Ellison Wilson Road, where FPL is building an even bigger parking garage.

If you are sitting in traffic, which backs up two or three blocks in every direction, waiting for the PGA bridge, please contact County Commissioner Hal Valeche to express your opinion. And, if you think you can use Donald Ross Road instead, note the Alton development, which has density equal to the 22 units per acre.


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