Letters Took some time, but Mast came around

Took some time, but

Mast came around

It is good to see that U.S. Brian Mast, R-Palm City, would support some gun control measures.

After over a year in office, it took a tragedy to remind him that he was elected to represent the people of his district and not the National Rifle Association. But that’s OK. Better late than never.


Teens have most

common sense of all

President Trump speaks of solving the gun control problem with common sense. The ban on assault rifles, which kill many more people than one gun can, would cost zero dollars. Arming teachers, who should not have to be combatants in school, would cost $500 million, according to Gov. Scott, for Florida alone. Is that an example of common sense?

Wouldn’t the gun manufacturers and the NRA love selling more guns? One or two guns for every school in America. I don’t know how many schools we have, but it must be thousands. And in order to give them an even chance, maybe we should arm our teachers with assault rifles just in case someone attempts to kill with an assault weapon. They are, after all, easier to buy than a gun.

I do not want to take away from stable and decent people their right to own a handgun or hunting rifle — they are not the ones who make the news. What I do want is a ban on assault weapons, which have no place in anyone’s home. Unless someone sets out to kill as many people as possible, assault weapons should be a tool for warfare only and do not belong readily available in any civilized society.

Please listen to the young people. They have more common sense than most of our politicians.


A quick plea deal

best for all involved

Since the tragic shooting in Parkland, the attorney for the shooter has attempted to enter into a plea agreement with Broward State Attorney Mike Satz, offering to plead guilty to all 17 counts of first-degree murder in exchange for an automatic sentence of life without a chance for parole.

Satz has not made a decision on this offer. However, he has said: “This certainly is the type of case the death penalty was designed for.”

I am hopeful that Satz does not see this as an opportunity to advance his career with a high-profile murder trial whose conclusion is all but assured. The survivors of this event will be best served by a quick conclusion to this nightmare.

The students who are currently trying to assimilate this experience need to talk to professional counselors and each other, and then put it behind them as quickly as possible. A trial will guarantee this experience will become the focal part of their lives for years to come.

The families of the victims also need to be able to move on as soon as possible as best they can, lest their lives also get sucked into a spiral around the shooter and the slowly moving justice system.

There is no “closure” in the death penalty. Unfortunately, there is rarely any closure under any circumstances — it’s just something people say to offer you hope that someday you may feel better about your loved one being a victim.

A quick plea deal is the best chance for people to regain some normalcy back into their lives in the shortest time frame. It would be an additional, cruel tragedy if the prosecutor did not do this.

It’s a shame the court can’t include the provision that the murderer’s name never is spoken or written again.


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