Letters Tax bill is no gift to the still-struggling middle class

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Dec 02, 2017

Tax bill no gift to

the middle class

After several weeks of secret, closed-door meetings, the Senate was to vote this week on the massive Republican tax bill.

Cobbled together in haste and secrecy, using partisan backroom tactics with no public hearing process, we must hope that this Republican legislative effort will fail.

The Republican tax bill is first and foremost a massive tax cut for large corporations and the wealthiest Americans. While it contains a temporary tax cut for some middle-class families, nearly a quarter of middle-class Americans will see their tax bills go up immediately. By 2027, the legislation raises taxes on everyone making under $75,000 per year. Small businesses are possibly the most harmed by this legislation.

Was that the middle-class tax cut (“Christmas present”) that you and I were promised?

And if that isn’t bad enough, the Republican tax bill will raise health insurance premiums by intentionally destabilizing the health care market even further.

Worst of all, congressional Republicans are planning to pay for their tax bill with trillions in borrowed money, which taxpayers must repay with interest. A true reverse “Robin Hood” scheme (steal from the poor to give to the rich).

Reforming our broken tax code in a bipartisan way is needed. But cutting taxes for large corporations and the extremely wealthy on the backs of middle-class families and small businesses, using trillions in borrowed money, and sabotaging the health care market along the way is a bad deal for all citizens.

Counting the days until the 2018 elections.


Trump supporter offers

no proof of his feats

The writer of a letter about President Donald Trump’s accomplishments deserves a response. She asserts that Trump has accomplished more than President Barack Obama.

In addition to playing more golf than the former president, the current occupant of the White House has been busy signing executive orders undoing those of Barack Obama. President Obama’s executive orders, of course, addressed important issues left unattended when Republicans were busy blocking bills which would have benefited the country’s population who had hired them to work for us.

I hope the writer is rich enough to cope with any catastrophic illness that might afflict her or a close relative. I dread the future awaiting today’s children when polluted water will be supplied for drinking and bathing (ask the citizens of Flint, Michigan, if that can happen here in the United States), and when neglected infrastructure destroys lives and makes transportation a race to survive a simple road trip (Lake Worth’s roads are nothing to brag about).

I dread a future when, thanks to the Trump administration, the produce we eat will be flavored by the highly toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos. Allowing that poison to be used in American agriculture is another star in Trump’s crown.

I suggest that in the future, the writer enlighten us by naming Trump’s accomplishments to support her assertions.


Writer is right; bring

Waltz back to booth

I heartily agree with the writer who praised the work of Rich Waltz and lamented his release from the Marlins’ broadcast booth.

I am from Washington, D.C., but enjoyed following some of the Marlins players and listening to the professionalism of Waltz. Please correct the error and bring him back.


UM’s Canes could beat

these hapless Dolphins

The University of Miami football team, with its small payroll, could possibly beat the Dolphins with their megabucks payroll.