Letters: Second causeway would end delays at bridge

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Nov 25, 2017

I found the letter “Limit bridge-raising to three times daily” (Nov. 16) interesting because I have tried to fix the bridge problem for years and no one will listen.

I have contacted both city governments in Palm Beach and West Palm Beach with a plan where cars will never have to wait and boats may wait a few minutes.

It’s not a tunnel.

My plan will necessitate an initial cost because it requires a second causeway where cars are diverted while boats move through one causeway, then the cars are redirected back to the first causeway. Boats have a very short wait while the cars change causeways, but the cars move continuously and never stop. Boats move slowly so it will be as though they had no wait at all.

Recently, over $90 million was spent on the Southern Boulevard bridge to raise it four feet. Cars will still have to wait after the four-foot raise. If that money had been spent on the second causeway concept, cars and boats would never have to wait for the next hundred years.


Unlike Obama, Trump

has accomplished much

When Barack Obama was running for the White House, I listened to his first round of speeches. I thought we had a man running for office who was really interested in the middle-class American. Then I watched as he spoke to young people telling them everything they wanted to hear. Same with the seniors. Same with the rich. Same with the poor.

I did not vote for Obama. It was not racial. I realized he was making promises people wanted to hear. No way could he ever follow through on all he said, even with a Democratic majority. He had everything going for him: charisma, looks, intelligence and certainly adoring media.

President Trump is a follow-through president. With the biased media, spiteful Democrats and the protesters who simply want a handout, not a hand up, he has accomplished more for our country than he will ever be given credit for.

The least that people can do is give him a chance and stop ripping him apart on every move he makes.


Health care cuts driven

by desire to erase Obama

On Oct. 17, our president signed an executive order eliminating federal subsidies to low-income people for their health care coverage under Obamacare.

Now the Senate wants to eliminate the individual mandate in Obamacare that requires those eligible for coverage to pay a penalty for not enrolling.

The combination of these two factors will mean the death knell for Obamacare. No one will be able to afford the premiums needed by insurance companies to provide health coverage.

I worked 25 years at the home office for one of the nation’s largest insurance companies. Actuaries determine premiums for all lines of insurance business based on risk. The larger the risk pool, the lower the premiums. The smaller the risk pool, the higher the premiums.

Millions of Americans will lose their health coverage because this president and the Republican Party have no concept of what is right or wrong, what is good or bad, what is logical or illogical. Their only goal is to reward their base by erasing the name Barack Obama from the history books.