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12:00 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 3, 2017 Opinion

Rizzo the best choice

for Florida Democrats

I joined the Democratic Party in Palm Beach County last year. I had the pleasure of meeting Terrie Rizzo, who is a very special person, a true leader with an unbelievable personality, never tiring and extremely knowledgeable.

Terrie is concerned with children, senior citizens and has a true sense of bringing a better life to all. The dynamics of this special lady are never-ending; she is one of a kind.

I know of no other person I have ever met who is more suited for leadership than Terrie Rizzo. She has the ability to bring out the best in you and make you want to work harder. What an opportunity we have.


Editor’s note: Terrie Rizzo is vying for the post of chairwoman of the Florida Democratic Party.

Training won’t change

criminal behavior

I see Congress is going to require mandatory training to try to prevent further instances of the many cases of sexual harassment that have occurred in this legislative body. I was also made aware that certain local dairy farm employees who mercilessly beat livestock will also receive training to try to prevent this type of behavior. They are apparently going to keep their jobs and I’m sure they will be more careful about letting people film them when they are beating the livestock, even without training.

What we really need is not additional training but true accountability.

Training to make these people more sensitive to the people or animals they abuse is a waste of time. It makes as much sense to try to teach a bank robber to be more sensitive to the banks and account-holders who are losing their money. They know they are wrong, but they just don’t care unless they get caught.

Instead of additional training, these people need to be fired from their jobs and registered as a sexual offender and/or animal abuser so that any potential employer will have easy access to this information.

They need to be held accountable, no matter what their status is, even if they are they happen to be the president of the United States.


Let consequences

fit the sexual offense

Let’s have some balance. Let’s try to make the punishment and consequences fit the crime. Where the abused is a child, when power and position of the abuser made the situation impossible, the consequences to the abuser should be weighty.

But the situations where the abused had let the situation continue because of what she (or he) had to gain …

If every man (usually a man), who behaved insensitively, crudely to a woman must resign from his position, the people left would be…? I am age 80 — with minor moves having been made on me. Were they easier to deflect in the 1960s?


GOP tax proposal

is all smoke, mirrors

I encourage readers to remember the “trickle down” and “smoke and mirrors” wording that describes the Republican Party and President Donald Trump’s tax proposals. Their propaganda promises to provide tax cuts for the middle- and lower-income working classes.

Their real goal is to fool the American people; the hidden loophole language gives the wealthiest permanent higher tax deductions, leaving other income groups burdened with reducing the increasing debt levels. Middle-income retirees and caretakers, children, grandchildren and student loans will be especially affected.

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines “smoke and mirrors” as something is intended to make you believe that something is being done or is true when it is not.