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Deputies searching for person who stole car with baby inside 

Letters: Radicals will embolden young conservatives

It is tragic that young conservatives can’t have a peaceful convention in West Palm Beach without radicals protesting and calling them names.

I just don’t understand what they are trying to accomplish. My guess is that such protests only serve to make the young participants more committed to their cause.


Denying Dreamers

means wasting money

Most fair-minded Americans want to allow young people who were brought to the U.S. as children to remain here if they are law-abiding, and if they are in school, gainfully employed taxpayers or doing military service.

President Trump refused to renew the DREAM Act. He left it in the hands of our elected representatives in Congress. Congressional leaders are delaying this vote that they know is right. They are playing with young people’s lives in order to get votes from haters.

I urge all fair-minded congressional leaders of both parties to pass a “clean” DREAM Act before Jan. 1. Even if it is attached to government funding.

If you throw away 788,000 young people whom America has educated and who serve America, you are throwing away dollars too.


Moore lost because

of moral problems

I have to smile every time I see the Democrats stating that their defeat of Roy Moore in Alabama is an indication that the Republicans are done with President Trump or that the Democrats are making a comeback.

The only reason Moore lost was because of his moral problems, be they true or false. Even then, he lost by only one and a half percent of the vote or a little over 20,000 votes. There were more than 20,000 write-in votes which alone cost him the election.

If he had not had his problems he would have won easily, as all Republicans have done in Alabama for years. There would not have been 20,000 write-in votes and he would have had thousands of votes from those who normally would vote for him but did not or stayed at home because of his problems.

On another issue, it is a sad commentary when a bill comes before Congress and all Republican senators vote one way and all Democrats vote another way. Doesn’t anyone think for themselves or are they just a bunch of puppets that however their leader says to vote, they vote? One great solution is term limits. Unfortunately, that will never happen. The Senate has a power structure that is not going to change.

Interesting how suddenly the Democrats are concerned about the national debt when it doubled during Obama’s administration. Where were they then?

Finally, I am happy with the positive effect that the Trump administration has had, including the economy, the war on ISIS, border control, rollback of so many unnecessary regulations, tax reform, etc.

Now if the president will just cut out his childish tweets and comments.


Tax bill crafted to

benefit only the rich

Regarding the Republican consultant whose editorial was titled, “Deducting state taxes is gaming the federal tax code and must end” (Monday). The assertion is that “simple fairness would demand equity rather than giving discounts to some because the states where they live have higher tax rates.”

This is the worst case of Republican doublespeak and hypocrisy I’ve heard yet. It isn’t bad enough that Republicans are suddenly able to accept an additional $1.5 trillion in deficits, but they have done another about-face and now consider double taxation fair. Taxing your income at both the state and federal level without deductions is double taxation. Yet in the same tax bill, they are repealing the inheritance tax because it is considered “double taxation.”

This demand for fairness is rich coming from a Republican tax bill that taxes income from investments at lower rates than income from wages. And this demand for equity is hypocritical coming from a Republican tax bill that continues the carried interest provision, which allows Wall Street investment bankers to pay lower rates than middle-class taxpayers. Remember when President Trump promised to repeal the carried interest provision?

In the coming year, we will hear a Russian-style propaganda campaign to convince voters that this tax bill is “fair and equitable.” But none of that will change the facts that the middle class will continue to struggle financially, the deficit will swell and the rich will get richer.


GOP’s last major tax

bill led to recession

Republicans are basking in their despicable passing of transfer of money from the middle class to the uber-rich.

Reagan/Bush/Cheney redux. They did the same and the result was recession. Not job creation, higher wages or economic growth, but the same corporate greed.

Make no mistake, history does not lie, in this case, Republicans do, and we, the middle class, are screwed again.

Nov. 6, 2018, can’t come soon enough to send our message of anger and disgust to the ballot box, and we will.


‘A Christmas Carol’

has lessons for today

Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” fits comfortably with most religious and secular life-narratives. It exhorts us to take to heart the deprivation of the most vulnerable and needy among us, those whose life struggles are beyond their control.

For the more fortunate among us, Dickens insists that we are our brothers’ keepers. For much of our good fortune is also beyond our control.

Scrooge must make room for the spirit of loving kindness.


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