Letters: Put smart meters to full analysis

Regarding Wednesday’s “Smart meter health fears raised”: The Florida Public Service Commission states that its mission is “to facilitate the efficient provision of safe and reliable utility services at fair prices.” Yet, at the commission’s “issue meeting” every time a request was made to discuss the issue of customers’ health around smart meters, they stated they have “no jurisdiction.” Something is fishy.

Perhaps they are concerned that the public will find out about the BioInitiative 2012 Report summarizing more than 1,800 peer-reviewed studies and recommending public health precautions because of the negative effects on your brain, DNA, memory, sleep, sperm count, fertility and more; plus susceptibility to cancer and Alzheimer’s (www.bioinitiative.org).

Perhaps they are concerned that we will find out that these meters have never been directly tested for human safety. They are not UL tested, listed or approved. They are ANSI certified — which means they are exempt from (i.e., do not meet the safety standards of) the National Electrical Code (NEC) adopted by Florida in 2008.

An estimated 31,000 have opted out of their use. Don’t these people have a right to voice their specific concerns through full evidentiary hearings before a tariff on not using them is finalized?


North Palm Beach

Thanks to Hatcher

for public ‘playground’

I read with profound admiration and excitement about Walter Hatcher’s decision to sell his land to the county for expanded park use (“Wildlife playground to go public,” Sunday). We all owe a debt of thanks to him for preserving his “playground” for the public and denying it to developers. Being outside does a body good. One need only look at the photograph of the fit and trim 82-year-old man to realize this. He mentioned that the area is ” … good for the soul … envelops you … and is almost spiritual.” I wholeheartedly agree. The same feeling comes over me when I hike at nearby Riverbend Park, which will eventually be connected to it. 2016 can’t come soon enough!



Give Obamacare

a chance to work

So now the CBO is the Oracle of Delphi. In what must be a completely pointless report, the CBO peers into the crystal ball and sees Americans using health insurance as a reason to not work. And now we have both Charles Krauthammer and Kathleen Parker weighing in — both with nothing of substance to add.

To the right wing, this proves their long-held opinion that Obamacare would be a job killer. To the left, it means that people can be free of health care job lock. The Republicans continue their long streak of misrepresenting anything that they can to criticize the ACA and the Democrats once again prove that they are afraid of their own shadows.

Let’s say a person has had a pre-existing condition and could not get insurance. Their spouse takes a job with benefits. The uncovered spouse makes good money, but they need the insurance. The covered spouse wants to stay home with the kids and not work, but must work to maintain the health insurance. With the ACA, they can get coverage and the covered spouse can choose to work or not based on other considerations. If that spouse quits working, is that Obamacare killing the job? Did this person lose the “dignity of working”? Hardly.

Republicans believe that low-income people will not work because they can get a tax subsidy. One of these Republicans needs to explain to me how a person can pay rent and buy groceries with a health care tax subsidy. This has all been just another in the long line of idiotic arguments over getting health coverage for the American people. Why don’t we all just wait a couple of years and see how things are working? Until then, why don’t we stop the constant micro-analyzing and unnecessary forecasting.


West Palm Beach

Low-wage workers

have a chance now

When I retired about 15 years ago, I went to work part time for a major home improvement and supply company. I took the job at practically minimum wage because that was what was offered, and besides, I didn’t need the money.

However, most of the other workers, much younger than I, were paid the same meager wage and had taken and kept the job for the health benefits, which were quite good. I know that they kept this job, in some cases their second or third job, only because of the health benefits and because they had families and needed health care. And you had to work at least 35 hours a week to qualify for the health benefit, not part time.

I suspect these facts fly right into the face of Kathleen Parker’s notion that people who now qualify for Obamacare would quit their jobs now and go write poetry. On the contrary, I think they would quit because now they are not forced to work for these miserly wages just so they can have health insurance. They are now free to look for a real job, getting paid a decent wage and can find out if they can make a real living following their life’s dreams. The American dream, and if it be poetry, so be it.


Boynton Beach

Congress must serve

people, not Boehner

After reading in Monday’s Post the excellent article on increasing the minimum wage and overhauling immigration reform (“Democrats hope to force wage, immigration votes”), I have just one question: When did we give so much power to the speaker of the House that even moderate Republicans whom the story reported “worry about the political implications” (i.e. getting re-elected) still seem to fear going against John Boehner ?

Is this really what our forefathers meant to happen when they created the Congress? No, they meant for the speaker to serve his constituents, while presiding over sessions, keeping order and decorum and to make sure every member follows the rules of voting.

And, yes, the speaker of the House is second in line to serve if something should ever happen to the sitting president, but he still is a member of Congress while he is speaker and should perform the duties outlined in the Constitution, not be a stumbling block who prevents the other members of the House from doing what needs to be done. All elected representatives in Congress need to start serving their constituents, not the speaker of the House.


West Palm Beach

World has bigger

issues than climate

I can’t believe that with all the problems we have with Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Syria and the rest of the Middle East, Secretary of State John Kerry is worried about climate change (“Kerry: Climate change a ‘fearsome weapon,’” Monday). Please tell me, does that guy have any idea what is going on in the world? Also, the president wants to spend another billion on climate change. God help America.


Lake Worth

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