Letters Put Flagler Shore to a citywide vote

Feb 08, 2018
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Put Flagler Shore

to a citywide vote

I wholeheartedly agree with Chris Powers of West Palm Beach about the absurdity of Mayor Jeri Muoio’s decision to distort West Palm Beach’s beautiful Flagler Drive. (“Flagler Shore flies in face of growth,” Tuesday)

I’m sure the protests will set the internet afire condemning the atrocity that has been forced on us. I live on South Flagler Drive, and to go north safely, I have to travel Olive or Australian avenues.

At least put the so-called Flagler Shore project on the next ballot and let West Palm Beach decide the fate of Flagler Drive instead of it being forced down our throats by a mayor whose view of the downtown area is decidedly questionable.


Why was a boy, 10, on

the street at 9:40 p.m.?

Regarding the 10-year-old hit by a car (“Boy, 10, hit by car, in stable condition , Boynton police say,” Tuesday):

May I ask what a 10-year-old boy does on the streets at 9:40 p.m., especially on Seacrest Boulevard? I can only hope he was with a parent. If not, the parent(s) need to be charged with neglect.

I am happy he is OK. I feel sorry for him. Children his age should not be allowed outside after 5 p.m., especially in a not-so-great area. If something more serious would have happened, the parents then would cry rivers.


Vermont has right

idea on pot growth

It’s apparent that Americans are changing their attitude regarding marijuana by voting to legalize it for medical purposes or for recreational use in many states. I’m not convinced this is the right approach because I believe that for some people this product is a steppingstone to more potent and addictive drugs.

Of all the states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use, it appears that Vermont has the most realistic legislation that allows users to cultivate up to six plants for their own consumption, thereby cutting out politically connected marijuana shop owners and illegal drug dealers. Self-cultivation saves the user hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per year because they can raise their own weed for pennies.

This policy is similar to the federal government philosophy regarding home-brewed beer and wine.


Do right by Dreamers

but get tough on others

Included in the immigration debate are methods to stop illegal immigration. Democrats do not want to provide the money for the border wall that President Donald Trump promised. Trump will not provide relief for the DACA people without it. So there is a stalemate.

Give the Dems what they want on DACA, forget the wall. However, agree to make illegal entry into the United States a serious crime. Get caught, one year in jail. A second time, five years in jail. Commit a crime while in the country illegally, sentences are doubled. Overstay a legal entry, lifetime ban.

We must make illegal entry or overstay very unappealing. This would challenge the Democrats on how serious they take border security and stopping illegal entry.


Trump a hypocrite

on opioid crisis

On average, 28 people are killed every day by drunken drivers in the United States, but President Donald Trump apparently only finds it “disgraceful” when the driver is an undocumented immigrant.

Maybe if opioids were being pushed by illegal immigrants, rather than pharmaceutical companies that pay billions in campaign contributions, he would do what he promised about the opioid crisis.

But I suppose he’d rather spend his “executive time” tweeting at his critics and watching Fox News praise him. Sad.