Letters Not enough wreaths at cemetery? Consider donation next year

Not enough wreaths?

Consider donation

I was saddened to read about the many gravesites at the South Florida National Cemetery that did not receive a wreath to honor and remember the service of those laid to rest. (“Not enough wreaths — some ‘distraught’ at South Florida Veterans cemetery,” Monday)

My parents passed away in 2011 and are buried at Arlington National Cemetery. My family members donate to Wreaths Across America each year with the hope that all gravesites of veterans will receive a wreath in December.

For any others saddened by the shortage of wreaths, please consider making a contribution in the future.


Limit cemetery wreaths

to Christian soldiers

The solution to this year’s wreath shortage is to lay Christmas wreaths on only the graves of Christian soldiers. I would recommend that Jewish families be called for permission to have the wreaths transferred.

I respect the cemetery’s policy of treating the graves of all soldiers equally, but given the circumstances, I am confident that most, if not all, Jewish families would agree and consider it a mitzvah (good deed). There are enough Jewish veterans buried there so that all the graves of Christian soldiers would have a wreath.

There is still time before Christmas to accomplish this and make everyone happy.


Obama’s socialism

killed prosperity

The first two years of the Obama administration, the Congress was Democratic. They then lost many seats to the Republicans. The Republicans then put over 300 bills on the desk of Harry Reid and he refused to look at them and nothing got done.

The volume of regulations by the Obama administration killed any chances of small-business startups. Eight years of putting equality over growth had the result of less for both. Equality is reached by economic opportunity, not by giving handouts but by a hand up to help small business.

Who do you think suffered from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandate? The people who couldn’t afford the high premiums and deductibles had to pay the mandated tax: the same ones with the empty pantries.

Doubling the standard deduction to $24,000 and doubling the tax credit for children to $2,000 is certainly helpful to the middle class. Only economic growth will produce equality and reduce the national debt. Also, there is no plan to touch Social Security or Medicare.

Socialism works until you run out of someone else’s money. If you don’t see broad prosperity by 2020, then exercise your right to vote.


GOP has never been

fan of Social Security

The Republican Party has for a long time said that less government is a good thing and that they are the party of less government.

Conservatives may not always say it explicitly, but they view the Social Security system as a socialistic government program, which does not coincide with the less-government mantra the Republican Party has adopted. Republicans have been true to their cause and have been trying to reverse the program since Franklin D. Roosevelt was president. If you doubt that’s the case, then why do Republicans talk about raising the retirement age and reducing benefits instead of how to improve the system?

Republicans never do things overtly because that would be political suicide. So they just fight actions that could improve the system or implement legislation that will lead to undermining the system.

Why else would the party fight the removal of the maximum taxable earnings cap on Social Security, and why else would they push a tax bill that would lead most high earners to incorporate? Since Social Security taxes are not collected on corporate and investment income, this change would further destabilize the system.

But what about the Democrats? Let’s just say they’re not doing enough.


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