Letters Long Island Rail Road had right idea; elevate the tracks

Feb 01, 2018
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LIRR had right idea;

elevate the tracks

I have been reading some suggestions regarding the safety of the new Brightline train. I regret that some people ignore warning lights and the klaxon bells. And they see the guard rails are coming down, but they think that they can beat the train. Some do. Some don’t, with tragic consequences.

Years ago, Nelson Rockefeller, then the governor of New York, promised that the Long Island Rail Road would become a premier transportation service. Of all the things that were done, the best thing they did for traffic flow and pedestrian safety was to elevate the tracks and stations. Was it expensive? You bet. But how much is a life worth?

Raise the tracks. There will be no beating the train if it’s 20 feet above your head.


Trump’s worried

about wrong guy

It’s all too obvious what President Donald Trump and his protectors are trying to do. If you can’t control the message, kill the messenger.

Special counsel Robert Mueller has an impeccable reputation. Trump, on the other hand, would destroy the pillars of democracy to serve his own selfish interests.

But, ultimately, the great deceiver may be the one who is fooled in the end. While Trump focuses on Mueller, his true Achilles’ heel is Eric Schneiderman, attorney general of New York state, over whom he has no power, and the one no pardoning powers can protect him and his family enterprises from.


Hatred for Trump

gets us nowhere

Is it any wonder why things are as they are in D.C.? Regardless of what the president said during his State of the Union speech Tuesday night, Rep. Nancy Pelosi appeared angry. The House Democratic leader’s obvious dislike of President Donald Trump will prevent her from supporting anything put forth by his administration. Is this serving the best interest of the people of this country, which is her job, or feeding her own malice?

There is no place in politics for personal feelings to interfere with the job of representing the people, who, by election, they have been empowered to work for and represent.


Wall? Sure, but what

about tunnelers?

All this pro and con talk about building a wall to keep immigrants out — I want to know how deep it will be built. It doesn’t matter how high it is. Will it be 10, 20, 30 feet down?

Because, of course, people will be tunneling.


Muscular E-Verify

a strong first step

Both Democrats and Republicans will need to make compromises if a deal for DACA and immigration issues is to be reached.

Making E-Verify the law of the land for all businesses and employment in the United States would hold employers responsible for using it or face fines, loss of licenses and possible incarceration.

This would help curb much of the illegal immigration since most come here to work and would lessen the need to build a wall on our southern border.

The resources of ICE could be used to enforce E-Verify and there would need to be special courts to handle employers that violate the law. I think that hard-line Republicans could accept this with the passage of DACA and a path to citizenship for children brought here illegally.

The Democrats must be willing to give something meaningful like this E-Verify proposal back to hard-line Republicans. There needs to be a long-range solution to legal and illegal immigration in America and this would provide a strong starting point.