Letters: Legislators in dark with sunshine ‘saving’

Legislators in dark

with sunshine ‘saving’

Regarding the Sunshine Protection Act: This act doesn’t protect sunshine, just moves it around. (“Florida passes daylight saving time bill,” Friday)

The old shell game. I know this will allow a couple of folks to stay longer at the beach and in theory help businesses. What about all the workers that this will negatively impact?

Anyone who starts work at 7 a.m. in the winter (construction, landscaping, garbage pickup) will now have to start at 8 a.m. and go one hour longer in the afternoon. I know our legislators don’t care. They spend evenings getting wined and dined by lobbyists and probably don’t start work early.

One thing I haven’t heard anyone mention is the safety of our kids going to school. With this act, they will be going to school in the dark four or five months a year. In simple terms, about half the school year. With all the intense interest in school safety, what about going to school in the dark?

I think this would be a big concern but it looks like I’m in the minority here.


Road repairs now

a political hot potato

Riding to the airport, I noticed black patches of road repair all up and down Military Trail, a main artery. Yet Summit Boulevard was completely paved from Military all the way to Congress Avenue. Oh, yes, it was the front of President Donald Trump’s private golf course.

There are many more roads in Palm Beach County that can use my penny tax to fix, like the left-hand turn at the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Military. It is desperately in need of patching.


Politicians deep

in thrall to NRA

I had a difficult time understanding why any clear-thinking politician would vote against logical things like banning assault weapons or requiring background checks until I came to realize that the No. 1 objective of our politicians is to get re-elected. This requires fundraising for campaigns and also support from national groups like the NRA.

If your major donor tells you how to vote, you realize that without their support you might lose the next election — and the protection of your constituents comes in a poor second priority.

I would like to see research as to how much the NRA contributes to various politicians and expose them for their allegiance to their donors at the expense of their constituents.


Editor’s note: Post reporter Wayne Washington’s Feb. 16 article has information on the Florida congressional delegation’s contributions from the NRA. See it at http://bit.ly/2Iqplia

What is this new

gun-addled society?

What has become of us? After the tragic massacre in Parkland there was shock and outrage, and then came the thoughts and prayers from our politicians, along with the routine condemnation of disturbed people, and the obligatory support of the Second Amendment.

And then came, once again, the strong public outcry to outlaw assault weapons, which seems to be a perennial nonstarter. And after minimal debate and maximum evasion, a minimal solution was offered, because elections are coming.

Unbelievably we have morphed from sorrow and outrage to acknowledgment and acceptance that mass shootings are the new reality: Arm teachers. Have active shooter and lockdown drills. Add armed guards. We can even buy bulletproof knapsacks for our kids, although with the understanding that they can’t stop a round from an assault weapon.

What kind of society have we become? It seems to mean nothing that the rest of the world doesn’t have such an epidemic of gun deaths, although they, too, have disturbed people.

Our marvelous young people across America, whose message is simple, are saying, “Stop killing us,” and the mourning families of the victims are saying, “Enough.” If not for them this would already be old news.

Don’t let our kids down. America can do better.


NRA money in control,

not elected leaders

It’s time we opened our eyes as to who is really running our country. Obviously, it is not our elected officials; it is the NRA.

One of our congressmen said it is all about getting re-elected. It couldn’t be more obvious with the recent voting concerning the gun control laws. Again, they bowed to the NRA and did not address banning military weapons. How stupid do they think we are that people over 21 can’t do mass shootings?

The NRA is a terrorist organization that is holding us all hostage. They are part of the weapons complex that President Dwight Eisenhower warned us about.

The majority of sane people in the U.S. want military weapons barred, but we will never get it because the NRA has bought all our elected officials and they are too afraid to stand up to them.


It’s the adults who

have let children down

With regard to the proposed student walkout:

A Florida House of Representatives member had the audacity to stand up and scold students who would protest the murder of not only the most recent 17 innocent souls but all the others that have died in school shootings. This person’s argument was that adults make the laws, not children.

First of all, how insensitive, bordering on ignorant, that statement sounds after we, as a would-be civilized society, lost not only two educators but 15 innocent members of our future.

Secondly, it is collectively the adults, the lawmakers, that have allowed this scourge to engulf our nation.


Tariffs an issue

for centuries

Tariffs: Never in history have they worked as planned. There’s always an unintended consequence.

King George placed tariffs on the Colonies in the late 1700s. Look how successful that was for England.


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