Letters: GL Homes’ plan makes mockery of land rules

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9:19 a.m. Friday, Nov. 24, 2017 Opinion

I read with interest your article “COBWRA hires land-use lawyer to fight GL Homes’ Ag Reserve plan” (Nov. 7). This latest attempt by GL Homes, if approved by Palm Beach County Board of Commission, will effectively make a mockery of the current county rules for development in the Ag Reserve.

GL’s plan is imaginative, to say the least. GL Homes is proposing to swap property they own in north county for the right to ignore existing rules requiring developers to set aside 60 acres for conservation for every 40 acres developed. The current rules specifically state that land outside of the Ag Reserve cannot be preserved to facilitate development within the reserve.

Approval of GL Homes’ plan as currently proposed would call into question the county’s commitment to agriculture within the reserve.

I call on all county residents, especially taxpayers, to contact their district’s county commissioner as soon as possible. Remind your commissioner of the $100 million bond fund approved by voters in 1999 by a 2-to-1 margin, specifically to preserve the agricultural nature of the reserve.


Crossing Okeechobee

risky for pedestrians

I spent four long, exhilarating days with 10,000 other people, mostly from out of town, attending a Tony Robbins seminar at our beautiful new Palm Beach County Convention Center. The attendees lodged in hotels from Jupiter to Delray Beach and all points in between. How fabulous for our local economy.

However, my most challenging experience wasn’t due to Tony, but was instead in attempting to cross over Okeechobee Boulevard to CityPlace and back — and also holding my breath while watching hundreds of others trying to do the same, at all times of day and in all types of traffic conditions. Believe me, the challenge was a constant topic of conversation in the room.

In short, any city or county political figure arguing that a raised pedestrian walkway over Okeechobee Boulevard, connecting the hotel and convention center to CityPlace and the Kravis Center, is unnecessary should be forced to cross the boulevard over and over.

After that, if they are still with us, and they haven’t changed their opinions, they should be forced to resign their positions immediately.

Besides the ridiculous time inconvenience to our treasured visitors, the risk of their bodily harm is imminent.


Outrage seems lost

amid all the noise

Where is the moral compass in this country? Where is the outrage? An alleged child molester runs for the Senate in Alabama and the governor of the state is going to vote for him?

The president in his own words admits to sexually harassing and attacking many, many women and has the nerve to cast judgment on an entertainer who was in Afghanistan entertaining the troops when he committed an act of sexual harassment with one woman. I am not making excuses for Sen. Al Franken, but the circumstances were certainly different and he has taken responsibility for his actions.

The Attorney General can’t remember 87 different occasions he is questioned about. The GOP passes a tax bill that will ultimately place higher taxes on the middle class and raise the deficit by a trillion and a half dollars. At the last minute, they sneak a repeal of the health care individual mandate into a tax reform package that will cause millions to lose their health care insurance.

Whatever happened to a government of the people, by the people and for the people?