Letters: Goodman must take responsibility for actions

I just read that John Goodman’s lawyers have filed yet another appeal for his conviction in the DUI/manslaughter arrest that took the life of young Scott Wilson in February 2010. I am so sick and tired of this man perpetually trying to get out of punishment for his wrongdoing.

Accept responsibility for your actions, Mr. Goodman, and learn how to make a better person of yourself, so in the future when you do get out of jail, you’ll be a better citizen.

In the interim, quit wasting taxpayers’ time and money. It’s disgusting.


Blame San Francisco

for woman’s death

I doubt that the shooting by Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was intentional. (“Jury acquits Mexican man in San Francisco pier killing,” Thursday)

I also have suspicions that the gun, which was supposedly wrapped in a rag, went off accidentally when he picked it up, but it is possible that’s what happened. Or maybe it was just a good story made up by his defense attorney.

But in any event, the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of the city of San Francisco for releasing him in the face of a request from federal immigration authorities to hold him for deportation.

If anyone was prosecuted, it should be the people in San Francisco who ordered him released. If not for them, poor Kate would still be alive.


Discrimination not

part of free speech

Since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled same-sex couples could marry, ultra-conservative religious organizations have been searching for other ways to discriminate against LGBT people. One way is to claim the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech allows people in business, like the Christian baker from Colorado who refuses to sell wedding cakes to same-sex couples, to discriminate against LGBT people.

The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment already guarantees that religious organizations can refuse to marry same-sex couples and refuse to allow them to use their facilities. Now ultra-conservatives hope to use freedom of speech to justify their refusal to sell goods and services to LGBT people. These religionists argue selling wedding cakes to same-sex couples abridges the freedom of speech of the baker.

Unlike wedding cakes, this claim is a little hard to swallow. Freedom of speech includes the right to burn the flag, to “take a knee” before a football game, to give unlimited monetary support to political candidates and even to use offensive words, but it has never given anyone the right to discriminate against a minority.


Boss getting too close

used to be no big deal

OK, so 40 years ago your boss brushed against you while in a tiny coffee area at work. Grow up.

This country has become nothing but whining babies. To hurt families and friends is deplorable.

When these things happened it wasn’t considered evil, just tolerated. Go back in history. It’s all there.


Too many men

overrate their pull

It’s about time. I’m sure many women, like me, are shouting it from the rooftops. So why are so many men guilty of abhorrent behavior?

I believe that all too many men feel they are so appealing, so sexy and so powerful that any and every woman desires their attention. They cannot imagine a woman who would not be wildly attracted to them. So the unwanted attention is not perceived as such by many men. Why, any woman should be grateful.

Hopefully, these men will get the message, but many won’t. They will continue to believe that every woman desires them and wants their attention, even when they are told “no.” It will likely take a generation or two to rid society of this toxic behavior.


Woman lacks respect

for Native Americans

Indignation should run through the veins of every Native American today.

With the stroke of computer keys, the Palm Beach Post dedicates quite a lot of space to Debbie “White Dove” Porreco’s idolatry of President Trump and her lack of respect for native tribes. (“What this Pocahontas descendant & Mar-a-Lago member thinks about Trump,” Wednesday)

Like the black tribes of Africa selling other blacks to slave traders, this so-called descendant of Pocahontas sells the dignity of Native Americans by stating that Trump’s negative use of Pocahontas’ name doesn’t bother her, saying, “It’s just a term”.

Porreco should have a conversation with Caroline LaPorte of the Native Indigenous Women’s Center about what being a Native American woman or a woman descendant of Native Americans is and the costly price they have paid.

Pocahontas, by some accounts, could be the first documented trafficking victim in the USA.

The Disney movie version is far from reality and the truth about her young life.

She was kidnapped and raped, her native husband murdered. She was forced into Christianity. She was re-married against her will. She was shipped to England to be paraded around as a “civilized savage,” and quite possibly poisoned when she served no purpose any longer.

If I were Porreco, I would be careful drinking the wine at Mar-a-Lago.


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