Letters: Get the facts — start with users — on medical marijuana

Get the facts on

medical marijuana

I am a patient in Florida’s medical marijuana program. Seventy-one percent of Floridians voted to approve this medicine, yet no one wants to have a medical treatment center in their town.

True, we can and do have our medicine delivered to our homes at a delivery charge of $25. That’s an additional $25 on medicine that is already overpriced and not covered by insurance. It is so tightly regulated, one must submit an application, passport photo and $75 for the chance to heal ourselves with a natural plant.

Most of us have tried and exhausted traditional medicine or are no longer able to live with the side effects of the pharmaceuticals we have been on for years.

Medical marijuana dispensaries are run like a doctor’s office. You must be licensed by the Department of Health to enter. They are not “cash only” businesses. CanPay can be used as well as PayPal at some places. So “cash only” is no excuse.

Maybe these commissioners should do further research or visit one of the many treatment centers around the state before making decisions against the 71 percent.


Editor’s note: CanPay is a debit payment app used for purchases at cannabis retailers.

Post-Vegas blame game

must hit Hollywood, too

Much has been speculated about the horrible Las Vegas massacre. It immediately became politicized and finger-pointing became routine.

First to get the blame was the National Rifle Association. Next, it was Congress, which allegedly failed to enact stricter gun laws. An attack on the Second Amendment of the Constitution was then leveled. Blame was everywhere except in one self-serving institution. If you wish to legitimately assign more blame, try looking at Hollywood.

When it comes to guns, Hollywood’s products are the pinnacle of hypocrisy. They are the greatest purveyors of gun violence and mass shootings. One has only to watch network TV or numerous current movies to witness content filled to the limit with guns of all types used in gratuitous executions.

Take, for example, a movie series titled “John Wick” and “John Wick 2.” These movies and a host of others blatantly depict gun violence to an alarming degree. In these movies over 100 killings are graphically illustrated as routine.

Watching TV and attending these movies, along with popular gun-toting video games, have inured many adults and children to gun violence. Hollywood’s obvious hypocrisy is glaring and is another reasonable place to assign blame.


Obamacare moves

will redirect our money

President Donald Trump’s ill-advised move to end cost-sharing subsidies that the government currently pays insurance companies in order to reduce deductibles and co-pays for people enrolled in HealthCare.gov plans has inspired us. We’re canceling our planned trip to Disney World in Orlando this winter.

For the past three years, we’ve saved $2,500 for that trip and related spending at other Florida businesses along the way. Now that money will be needed to cover the $2,500 increase to my HealthCare.gov plan. Way to go, GOP.

Additionally, we look forward to doubling our political donations to Florida Democrats and the Democratic National Committee.

Thank you so much for providing the motivation to redirect our spending in that direction.


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