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10:03 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017 Opinion

Flagler waterfront

now a demolition zone

Walking along West Palm Beach’s Flagler Drive waterfront any time of the day is never so congested someone has to walk on the street. Bicycles, pedestrians, wheelchairs, skateboarders and strollers alike share the common walkway freely,

Why destroy this? The new closed off road rarely has more than six people walking or cycling. Our lovely waterfront now looks like a demolition zone.

While bringing in more food trucks, think about our merchants who pay top dollar to be downtown and have helped to bring people to our now thriving area. Paying premium rents, it’s a slap in the face bringing in carnival-like food trucks.

Don’t we already have enough events along the water?

Look at what they have already done by dropping off painted dumpsters (thank goodness those are now gone), and making the waterfront look cheap and seedy so five people don’t have to share a sidewalk.

Did anyone involved in this project ever hear that sometimes less is more? Bigger is not always better? This project, using the term loosely, is an eyesore. Did anyone get to vote on it or voice an opinion?

Please bring back our lovely waterfront.


Arm security guards

to deter mall crime

Lately, there have been articles in The Palm Beach Post regarding violent incidents at The Gardens Mall that involved firearms. One article reported that 14 shots were fired into a vehicle parked at the mall. Another article involved charges of armed robbery and aggravated battery.

What are these people thinking?

Only intent on carrying out their illegal activities, they’re obviously uninterested in the welfare of the shopping public. Knowing they’re in a gun-free zone, they’re perfectly comfortable carrying on their business with their firearm reassuringly at their side. The unarmed security guards offer little protection.

What’s more, as suggested in one of the articles, these thugs like doing their nefarious dealings at the mall because of its centralized location. Bad guys like convenience just like the rest of us.

So what is to deter them from coming to the shopping mecca? Much as I hate to suggest it — visions of shootouts dance in my head — at least some of the security guards should carry guns. When word spreads of an armed presence at the shopping center, maybe these hoodlums will think twice before coming to The Gardens Mall.


Mueller team needs

more to convict Trump

My guess is that special counsel Robert Mueller’s team has enough on President Donald Trump to indict him based on the (former FBI Director James) Comey matter alone but not enough to produce a conviction; not even with the (former national security adviser Michael) Flynn testimony, which they have already had for quite some time. I think we will need to wait for additional informants to emerge before anything significant comes up.


Nitpicking over Trump

salary? Just chill

This is in response to the letter-writer who claims his blood pressure is rising because President Donald Trump lied in saying he was not taking a salary but now is and is donating his salary to charity.

The U.S. Constitution prohibits a president from refusing to take a salary. Trump is doing the same thing that some other presidents have done, including John F. Kennedy. While there certainly are things to criticize Trump about, somewhere along the line we have to stop nitpicking everything the president does and start focusing on working together to tackle important issues.