Letters Flagler Shore flies in face of already runaway growth

Feb 05, 2018
  • By Post readers
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Flagler Shore flies

in face of growth

How can Mayor Jeri Muoio not notice that West Palm Beach is growing? More apartments, more hotels and more office buildings. All this adds to already heavy traffic.

In the face of this, our mayor turns Flagler Drive into Flagler Shore — with or without a state traffic study. Good thinking: increased traffic, cut down on pedestrian safety and traffic flow by closing lanes and shutting traffic lights off.

West Palm Beach residents young and old are impacted by Muoio’s dangerous changes. She must be stopped before someone is killed. Please contact Gov. Rick Scott to rein in our ill-advised mayor.


‘Sign trolls’ afoot

on Northlake Blvd.

Be observant the next time you drive down Northlake Boulevard. I have come to the conclusion that we have two types of “sign trolls” in Palm Beach County.

Troll No. 1 is the one who places “unauthorized” signs out by busy roads advertising a product or service. Troll No. 2 is the one who sprays paint over the phone number or slashes the sign in half leaving behind what is essentially roadside trash.

Sometimes these signs are high on a light pole. I’ve seen those spray-painted too. Troll No. 2 would need a very high ladder to get up there — still more trash to clutter an otherwise lovely view.

Is Palm Beach County paying Troll No. 2 for this “service” or is this the work of a self-appointed “sign troll vigilante”? The aftermath of Troll No. 2 is worse than Troll No. 1. With Troll No. 2 going to great lengths to paint or slash the signs, wouldn’t it make sense for No. 2 to collect the signs and take them away?

I would like to know if this is our tax dollars at work, and if so, let’s consider alternatives.


Speed limit signs

just suggestions?

I have been a Florida resident for 24 years and still don’t understand our speed limits The sign reads 35, does it mean 40 or 45? It reads 45, does it mean 50 or 60? Even on Interstate 95, it says 65, does it mean 70, 75, 80 or anything faster?

Any reasonable answer would be acceptable.


Learning English

could save lives

I read about the boy dying of flu and the person calling for help couldn’t speak English. A lot has been said that if you are going to be American, speak English. This a case where maybe reluctance to learn couldn’t help the boy in time.

I think more of our bilingual Spanish-speaking people should encourage their neighbors and friends to learn English, as it might save their or their children’s lives. It would also help other people to have interaction with them.

The more English words you learn, the easier it will become. You’ll learn sentence structure in time.

All nationalities in America need to learn the language, the laws and civility.


Guns in Legislature

not a bad notion

So the Florida Legislature is considering allowing concealed-carry in churches. Post columnist Frank Cerabino says a Republican politician wants “the state to issue concealed-carry licenses to Floridians before their criminal background checks are complete.” The Legislature keeps trying to pass concealed-carry on college campuses.

Where else could Floridians carry concealed firearms? How about the Florida Legislature, where all these bills expanding concealed-carry originate?