Letters Don’t wait for a movement like #MeToo to speak up

Jan 26, 2018
  • By Post readers
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Don’t wait for a

movement to speak up

The solidarity for the #MeToo movement is an inspiring moment long overdue. However, there is another elephant in the room: social silence.

Social silence is a choice we make to protect ourselves temporarily from the fallout of speaking up, granting us anonymity and financial security.

As it is not a solution to a problem, it simply makes matters worse, making it a bigger problem. The consequences are the silent cries of the abused: the powerless, the meek, the poor, the young and innocent when there was something that could have been done to stop it.

Speak your truth in the moment. Don’t wait until it’s a movement. #YouToo have a voice and #YouToo count.


Model planes, drones

affected by TFR, too

Your article, “Lantana airport to stay closed when Trump is in town” (Wednesday), reminded me to inform you of another impact of our president coming to West Palm Beach.

I belong to a radio-controlled model airplane club. We have a field in Delray Beach, about 13 miles from Mar-a-Lago. Based on the FAA Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR), we are not permitted to fly our model airplanes when the president is in town. This is a nonsense regulation.

Our model aircraft generally have enough fuel or battery power to fly a maximum of about 8 miles. Actually, if they fly more than about 0.3 miles you cannot see them and therefore cannot control them. We do understand and fly “drones” with First Person View (FPV). But again, they have limited range, and actually can be flown from your own backyard. No special field is needed. Since our field is so far from Mar-a-Lago, I fail to see the protection advantage of closing us down.

This situation has no financial impact on us, as it does on the Lantana Airport, but we do have a few hundred club members who curse out the president when he is in town. This is especially the case of our younger members who are still working and can’t fly during the week.

I sincerely hope that the Secret Service will apply some logic and rationality to their rules in the future.


Protesters should

help, not hinder

I had a great interest in the photo on the front page of the protesters against President Donald Trump recently. I did notice that the signs were professionally made. Who made them and who paid to have them made? Were the protesters paid for being there?

If these people have so much extra time to disrupt the roadways, I can find all kinds of charity work they can be doing to help others and occupy their free time. There are over 3,000 homeless children in Palm Beach County. They really need help. There are so many ways to help out these children, or how about Big Sisters and Big Brothers. These kids need them, too.

Let’s do something constructive, rather than being disruptive.


Double standard for

Trump tryst appalling

Imagine if a married Barack Obama had reportedly slept with a porn star before becoming president and covered up the affair by paying his “lover” to stay silent.

The story would be red-hot news, more salacious and scandalous than the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky dalliance. It would invite condemnations from all quarters, but especially from Republicans and evangelicals, who would view Obama’s tryst as evidence of his moral turpitude and disregard for the sanctity of marriage and family.

Right-wing radio and television news programs would also jump into the fray, their gossip and speculation fraught with racist innuendos.

And a cacophony of sanctimonious voices would call for a congressional investigation, an Obama resignation and — failing that — impeachment hearings.

Where are those righteous voices now? Why are those who’d be quick to condemn an Obama lapse so silent about Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels?

Is that hypocrisy I smell?