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Letters: Disillusioned teacher speaks for me, too

Disillusioned teacher

speaks for me, too

Janet Alessi’s article, “Why good teachers quit” (Nov. 7), about teacher disillusionment, tells it like it is. Janet speaks for me.


Editor’s note: Crumpler is co-department chair of science at John I. Leonard High School.

Me, too; teacher’s

article is spot-on

I’m a teacher at John I. Leonard High School and I totally support Janet and feel identified with her article, “Why good teachers quit.”


Cow abusers should

get as good as they gave

After viewing the recent animal rights organization’s video regarding a dairy farm, I have concluded that the wrong creatures were identified as animals. The cruel and unusual punishment these poor helpless and defenseless dairy cows experienced should not be tolerated by a civilized society; in fact, these cattle should be appreciated for the food and drink they provide us.

A just punishment for the perpetrators, in this case, would be “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,” but of course this would never occur under our judicial system.

As for management denying that they were aware that this cruelty existed is a complete farce because this is not an isolated case and may be a standard operating procedure on many farms. I appreciate a well-known, community-conscious supermarket for discontinuing doing business with this supplier.


What about women

who ask for it?

Let’s get real about sexual harassment. So, it’s OK for women (not all) to expose their breasts and expose their legs in thigh-high slits in a dress, accompanied with a “come hither” wink for all to see on anything with a screen to promote the seduction?

As a man, I feel harassed by the suggestion to follow through on the seduction or else be labeled impotent, homosexual or, God forbid, old.


Country must retain

morals over party unity

The Christian Bible cites Eve duping Adam into violating God’s directive to not eat the fruit from a certain tree. Since then, women have been relegated to the role of temptress and men have been portrayed as being overpowered by their charm.

Traditionally, men are given no responsibility for controlling their impulses, the excuse being a woman’s looks, dress, demeanor or perceived permission. Time and time again, we have seen that it takes multiple women to bring allegations of improper sexual behavior against a man, particularly a man in power, before it is even considered.

There’s a long list of recent cases of accusations, the most prominent being that of our president’s admission of his “sexual prowess” and the latest against Roy Moore, the Senate candidate from Alabama. The former case was an admittedly explicit “how to” playbook and the latter was a case over 30 years old. Moore has repeatedly and often espoused his high moral character, which makes any allegation of this type all the more disturbing.

While Republicans in Congress couched their condemnation with “if these allegations are true,” some Republicans in Alabama defended their Republican comrade comparing it to biblical “Mary, a teenager, and Joseph, an adult carpenter,” or dismissing it because it happened decades ago.

Have we become a country that defends a particular party at all costs to keep and maintain power rather than promoting moral and ethical decency?


Tax bill disastrous

for senior citizens

The current tax reform bill in the U.S. House of Representatives proposes to eliminate the medical expense income tax deduction. This bill will drastically impact senior citizens, who are most affected by the high cost of medical care and medical insurance. This amounts to a severe tax burden for those over 65 when serious medical problems start to occur.

I urge all members of Congress to oppose this burden on older adults and preserve the deduction for medical expenses.


Plan obfuscates

a total fraud

Regarding the letter “GOP tax plan a step in right direction” (Monday), the main thrust of which dwells on the tax burden on U.S. corporations:

First, the letter writer states the corporate tax rate to be close to 40 percent, where in actuality it is 35 percent. He and the Republican Party use this figure to deceive us as to the uncompetitiveness of U.S. corporations on the world stage.

The effective tax rate, after deductions, depending on the source, is somewhere between 18.9 percent and 23.1 percent. The mean tax rate for all 33 industrialized countries is 23.2 percent. U.S. corporations are not uncompetitive.

Secondly, U.S. corporations have $4.85 trillion of retained earnings invested in U.S. financial markets as well as $2.5 trillion overseas. These excess profits have not created jobs.

Companies have been investing in technological efficiencies in order to eliminate jobs. Giving further tax breaks under the guise of job creation is a total fraud.


N.Y. terrorist cut

from Hitler cloth

Sayfullo Saipov, the Manhattan terrorist, said he had no regrets about murdering eight people and injuring even more. Furthermore, he had intentions of killing more but was stopped when he crashed into a small school bus. And to top it off, he declared his love for ISIS and wanted the ISIS flag displayed in his hospital room.

In short, his desire was mass murder and, given the opportunity, he wanted to accomplish his goal.

The only difference between Saipov and Adolf Hitler is that Hitler had the opportunity to commit mass genocide and Saipov never did. We should keep this in mind when confronting people of his ilk.


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