Letters: Delray project is a win-win; let’s go

Delray project is

a win-win; let’s go

The most admired cities in the world share two characteristics. They keep historic structures and they promote pedestrian circulation.

Midtown Delray scores an “A” in both. Hudson Properties will preserve and adapt historic homes to 21st-century use.

They plan a grand pedestrian entrance at the corner of Swinton and Atlantic avenues, welcoming pedestrians to use the landscaped passageway that bisects the project.

Midtown has committed to many new pedestrian/bike facilities. These initiatives will reduce the number of cars traveling into the already congested area on Atlantic Avenue east of Swinton.

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Think of the residents who live near the project who are sick and tired of seeing the dilapidated buildings and being afraid to walk along Swinton Avenue after dark.

Think of the dream finally realized by The Set neighborhood when downtown Delray doesn’t stop at Swinton Avenue anymore.

In life, no one gets everything they want; in the end, everyone compromises for the good of the entire community.

That’s the way things have always been done in Delray. It’s time to accept a compromise and declare victory for all.

Let’s move forward together.


Editor’s note: Jim Smith is co-founder and chairman of Safety As FDOT Envisions (SAFE).

Could Eagle Arts

be tip of iceberg?

Thank you for your excellent coverage of the scandals at Eagle Arts Academy in Wellington. It’s clear the School District of Palm Beach County is asleep at the wheel.

Where is their audit and control function? A director gets paid to name his own school? His board slips him money in the guise of a loan?

If it weren’t for The Palm Beach Post, we wouldn’t know about these conflicts of interest and possible criminal activities. I wonder what other waste and inefficiencies exist within the Palm Beach County school system.

First, clean up the waste and inefficiencies. I’ll bet a team of auditors can find lots of extra money before the School Board has to ask us for a tax increase.


Trafficker deserves

the mercy he seeks

Wow, what an eye-opener, and shame on us for not rallying years ago for the release of this poor man. We Floridians were passionate in the fight to obtain cannabis legally. Perhaps raising this awareness will change laws.

Someone, please pardon Richard DeLisi.(“Smuggler’s blues: Imprisoned marijuana trafficker seeks mercy, freedom,” May 10)

I have a medical cannabis license in California and Florida; it helps me tremendously with agonizing pain from a traumatic accident in 2008. We Floridians owe a lot of thanks to attorney John Morgan in Tampa.

Hopefully, he or someone in the justice system will find mercy. It’s long overdue.


Sure, ban straws, but

cost isn’t the issue

In “Jupiter activist proposes ban on plastic straws,” (Sunday) Marilu Cristina Flores notes that “plastic straws cost about 5 to 10 cents each.” And that some paper straws cost between 80 and 90 cents.

On Amazon, 5,000 white disposable paper straws are $203. That’s 4 cents each. And 7,500 clear jumbo plastic drinking straws are $70. That comes to less than a penny each.

Yes, we need to get rid of all plastic straws at restaurants and fast-food places, but price really is not a deterrent. I’m sure large companies can get them even cheaper. So it’s hard to understand why they won’t switch from the single-use plastic ones.

Someone should really try to get these restaurants to find and use the low-price alternative.


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