Letters Debacle on Flagler Drive an ill-conceived ‘plan’

Flagler debacle an

ill-conceived ‘plan’

We have recently returned and couldn’t believe our eyes as we drove along Flagler Drive downtown.

Whose brilliant idea was it to deface the most beautiful waterfront promenade that any city could have and turn it into an old-time seaside joke? It is a bad joke, isn’t it?

Is this really the image that West Palm Beach is aiming for? Last winter it was an idyllic place to walk, jog or stroll with dogs or babies. Wheelchairs and bicycles were all a companionable mix in a setting that inspired relaxation and good will. Wasn’t that good enough?

And who exactly decides on the “art” that has spread around in such disorganized hodgepodge?

Has the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County been consulted? And as for the new and dangerous traffic pattern, just wait until the season gets going.

It boggles the mind that this concept — you can’t call it a plan — was ever taken seriously.


Plan obfuscates

a total fraud

Regarding the letter “GOP tax plan a step in right direction” (Monday), the main thrust of which dwells on the tax burden on U.S. corporations:

First, the letter writer states the corporate tax rate to be close to 40 percent, where in actuality it is 35 percent. He and the Republican Party use this figure to deceive us as to the uncompetitiveness of U.S. corporations on the world stage.

The effective tax rate, after deductions, depending on the source, is somewhere between 18.9 percent and 23.1 percent. The mean tax rate for all 33 industrialized countries is 23.2 percent. U.S. corporations are not uncompetitive.

Secondly, U.S. corporations have $4.85 trillion of retained earnings invested in U.S. financial markets as well as $2.5 trillion overseas. These excess profits have not created jobs.

Companies have been investing in technological efficiencies in order to eliminate jobs. Giving further tax breaks under the guise of job creation is a total fraud.


Politician promises

won’t translate to jobs

Our politicians need a background in commerce. Corporate management’s function is to increase profits and their stock price. The only effect of corporate tax reduction will be more jobs making luxury autos, private airplanes, yachts and mansions. However, they may invest in automation which will reduce payrolls because they can use fewer and less skilled workers.

They won’t hire more people unless there is an increase in sales. There will be no wage increases for employees unless forced to do so by unions. They will still go overseas if it saves them money. Promising more jobs with higher wages is not going to happen.


Stop coverage to stop

terrorist propaganda

The terrorist who murdered and wounded those in New York will have numerous platforms upon which to hurl and heap his sick thoughts.

The first platform was the crime that killed many and seriously hurt many more. The second platform is the news coming out from the hospital where he was being treated. The third platform will be his trial, and the fourth will be the aftermath, either prison or execution.

Each platform gives him another chance to spout the hate of radical Islam. Each platform spreads the rhetoric out on TV. I suggest authorities consider covering such a crime but limiting coverage to needed information. Once a criminal has been apprehended or deceased, initial coverage should be stopped.

What we are doing is magnifying the terrorist, dragging out his actions, making him so much more terrible and important than he started out and giving anyone with evil similar thoughts lots of time to think about how they could duplicate it.


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