Letters: County is growing; roads must as well

March 05, 2018
  • By Post readers
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County is growing;

roads must as well

I would like to concur with the letter-writer who wrote in opposition to the narrowing of three-lane roads to two-lane roads (“Narrowing streets an excuse to spend,” Monday).

It is a waste of taxpayer money twice. It is wasting the money originally spent to make the road three lanes and it is wasting more money to narrow it now.

North Palm Beach and Tequesta are growing, not shrinking. The traffic north of the Jupiter Inlet on U.S.1 used to flow easily. Now it is congested at all times of the day.

Palm Beach County had to tax us an extra half-cent to try to keep up with all the road projects. Northlake Boulevard desperately needs to be widened. We were told years ago, while debating new developments, that it will eventually need to be 12 lanes and an overpass needed at Northlake and Beeline Highway. Roads all over the county need help, from Glades Road to Indiantown Road. And what does our commission do with our new tax money? They narrow the road and clog up the traffic. Yet they continue to approve new construction.

I understand the need for bike lanes, as I am a bike rider, too. But it would be better to widen the sidewalk so bikes and pedestrians can share the space. Take a look at the path just north of County Line Road that runs north on U.S.1 to Jonathan Dickinson State Park. Or take a look at the bike-pedestrian path on Palm Beach island along the Intracoastal. Those are ideas that work.

As to Clematis Street and downtown West Palm narrowing lanes and taking away parking spaces, I already never go there because it is too difficult to drive and park now. Soon it will be worse.


Fewer forecasters

won’t risk lives

A front-page article discusses pending cuts in the number of forecasters employed by the National Weather Service (“Proposal cuts forecasters,” Sunday).

The cuts are part of a welcome effort by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to root out government waste. He brings a perspective that contrasts with that of career bureaucrats.

The Post implies that cuts are foolhardy in light of last year’s bad weather. You quote Dan Sobien, president of the National Weather Service union, as saying that lives will be jeopardized by the proposed cuts. He states, “I cannot imagine someone in Tallahassee issuing forecasts and warnings for Tampa.”

Huh? We live in an age of interconnectedness, remote sensors, satellite images and computer models. But Mr. Sobien is troubled by relying upon a forecaster who is in another city. Why? Does he need to stick his head out the window? Would the union like a forecaster on every block?

Mr. Sobien is doing his job. The Palm Beach Post, however, should be capable of presenting a balanced discussion of Secretary Ross’ initiative. He is pursuing efficiencies that will benefit all of us, while not compromising the mission of the NWS.


Assault weapons

for killing, not defense

I have to laugh at the gun enthusiasts’ claim that they need an assault weapon to defend themselves. How many bad guys have been killed by AK-47s, or AR-7s in the past 20 years by good guys defending themselves, versus innocent men, woman, children and babies killed by bad guys committing mass murder?

I think the answer is “one.”

Good guys killed by assault weapons: hundreds.

Stop the sale of these killing machines, recall all of those weapons and recall all magazines over six shots. If you can’t hit what you’re shooting at with six bullets, then you shouldn’t have a weapon, anyway.