Letters: All can play role in reducing gun crimes

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Nov 20, 2017

Each day we hear news of another murder, and the news sources and police cover the story just like the day before — “Police are searching for suspects.” All of us accept that as the reasonable response to the situation and say a little prayer that it soon will be solved, and the perpetrator will be spending some time behind bars existing on taxpayer dollars for survival. Then, because he is indigent, we again dole out to pay for his defense.

I believe that the answer to solving crime is to have our citizens take some responsibility. A simple phone call to Congress could stop crime before it happens. It would take one major undertaking with all media covering the event that would define that prevention is better than bloodshed on our streets.

The local gun dealer is driven by greed and might just shave off some of the requirements to make a sale, and the gun shows are extremely popular because they advertise “same day permits.”

Crime may never end because it is an easy way to make money, but at the very least we could try.

It seems so easy for blacks to blame whites, whites to blame blacks, the police to blame judges, lawyers to blame the Constitution — meanwhile shaking our heads having accomplished nothing.

We must start to shoulder responsibility. One call and you could make the difference between attending another funeral or going to a graduation.

As a parent, think about it and make a promise to yourself that you can make a difference. The NRA does have a duty to support our citizens and their wishes to own firearms, but those who support a no-limit collection without a collectors’ permit should re-examine the logic behind that thinking.

And if the only reason you support is votes, you really need to open your mind and not your wallet.


CEOs slow to back

tax reform claims

Proponents of the Republicans’ tax reform proposals claim that passage will stimulate investment in the United States, bring capital and jobs back from offshore, increase wages and provide “jobs jobs jobs” for Americans.

So my questions are these:

Why aren’t the CEOs of major corporations stepping up and telling us that they will increase investment in the U.S. if the Republican tax reform plan passes? Why aren’t the CEOs telling us they will repatriate capital that is held offshore and reinvest it in the U.S.? Why aren’t the CEOs telling us they will move production facilities from offshore to the U.S.? Why aren’t the CEOs telling us they will increase American workers’ compensation? Why aren’t the CEOs telling us they will hire more American workers if the plan passes?

I don’t know for sure. But I’ve got a feeling — that they won’t.


Women have right

to feel safe, secure

Maybe now is the time for powerful men in powerful positions to make it known clearly to their employees that no form of sexual assault or harassment will be tolerated. Women must expect only the most appropriate behavior from their male co-workers — including their superiors at every level.

These attacks on women from controlling men have been going on way too long. Every woman should have the right to feel safe and secure, no matter where they work, live or play.