Letters: No accountability from departing superintendent

March 09, 2018
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No accountability

from superintendent

It’s really difficult to understand why the press has let Superintendent Robert Avossa move on without criticism. He has done very little of consequence on any particular front in our school district.

He laid out a five-year plan and quit at the halfway point. He is being paid an exorbitant amount of money and an overgenerous amount of benefits that the public doesn’t even seem aware of.

Why are you not holding his feet to the fire? Why are we not holding him accountable; that is, at least following through with the plan that he developed?

Why should we consider one of his followers as our next leader? Won’t we get more of the same? Will Palm Beach County again pay a whole lot of taxpayer money for very little for our school system in return?


Flagler Shore has

enhanced waterfront

I applaud the West Palm Beach mayor and city staff for their underappreciated work. I also support the Flagler Shore project.

After reading all the negative comments on this proposed project, I wanted the city to know that there are people who support it. I understand there is no project that could have 100 percent approval. I have lived downtown on Flagler for 11 years and have slowly seen our small city grow for the best.

I remember when people fought relocating our library. The end result was a beautiful waterfront park. I believe the same result could be obtained by creating more green space along our waterfront.

I use this space almost daily and the path can get congested with bicycles, walkers, joggers and bench/wall sitters. While the test was performed, I did use the closed road and enjoyed the enlarged safe space.

Having four lanes of traffic along one of our city’s most beautiful areas is unfortunate planning. With four lanes, cars do speed and ignore crosswalks, making crossing to the path challenging.

Having two lanes of traffic during our test period slowed car speeds and made pedestrian crossing much easier and safer. I also found driving time less with the two lanes, since the traffic lights were set to flash instead of red/green.

Perhaps a compromise may be three lanes, where the center lane could be a left-turn lane for northbound traffic.

Either way, increasing the green space along our beautiful waterfront is a great idea and I thank our city for giving it a try.


Tariffs an issue

for centuries

Tariffs: Never in history have they worked as planned. There’s always an unintended consequence.

King George placed tariffs on the Colonies in the late 1700s. Look how successful that was for England.


Race-baiter Pitts

has bad memory

Leonard Pitts has done it again. His column, “America’s racial hierarchy of violence” (Sunday), shows his race-baiting so clearly. He cites a white woman lying about rape at the hands of three black men and the uproar from locals rushing to judgment before proof.

I am sure Pitts is smart and certainly a better writer than I am, but his memory is not as good. Al Sharpton, another race-baiter, was involved some years back with Tawana Brawley, who accused white men of rape and torture, only to be proved to have been lying. Just the same as the example by Pitts.

He has also failed to remember the black exotic dancer who claimed rape against the Duke lacrosse team, also to be proved a liar. Two wrongs do not make a right but, clearly, Pitts once again shows his racist writings.

At least show that hate and stupidity are not limited to just one race.