Students design their own jerseys for mock Eagles/Patriots Super Bowl near Jupiter 

Feb 01, 2018
David Runner, 11,  wearing homemade Eagles jersey (left) and Tyrece Campbell, 9, wearing Patriots jersey at the game Thursday at Jupiter Community Park.(Photo/Bill DiPaolo)

The Eagles and the Patriots -- otherwise known as students from Edna Runner Tutorial Center -- faced off in their own Super Bowl near Jupiter on Thursday afternoon.

Wearing homemade T-shirts with the team’s logos painted in front, students from the center in the Limestone Creek neighborhood faced off in two flag football games. 
“The kids love it. They been looking forward to this all week,” said Edna Runner, executive Director of the 80-student Center. 
The Pats wore blue flags, the Eagles wore green. 
Cheerleaders cheered. Parents and friends clapped. Referees kept order. Coolers supplied refreshments. 
The score?
The Eagles won a 14-7 squeaker in the game with students between 9-11 years old. 
The students between 5-8 battled to a tie.

Jaice Harper, 9, of Jupiter, shows her support for Patriots at mock Super Bowl game played Thursday near Jupiter (Photo/Bill DiPaolo)
Macey Antonio, 10, (left) and Nachelle Hunter, 10, show their support for the Eagles.