Palm Beach Public School was prepared during WWII

Readers: Last week we marked the 75th anniversary of World War II coming right to the shores of South Florida. Last spring, Jean Matheson, a Stuart writer, told us about her husband’s aunt, also Jean Matheson, who during the U-Boat sinkings was principal of Palm Beach Public School, just two blocks from the beach. Here’s more from Jean:

“During the war, all Florida schoolchildren were given first aid courses. Because it was felt that Palm Beach was in particular danger of invasion or bomb attack, children there were also drilled on evacuation.

“They were instructed to walk down (Cocoanut Row) and Seaview Avenue to north of Whitehall, where boats would take them across the lake. From there cars would transport them to the Seaboard Railway station where they would board trains for Sebring, Fla. The students and teachers would stay in Sebring until the danger was over.

“Twice the signal went through yellow and then through blue to ‘ready for red,’ meaning imminent danger. But the signal never went to red for evacuation. In the event of evacuation, Palm Beach Public School would become a military hospital and equipment was stored in the school for such an emergency. During the war, The Breakers hotel was converted to the Ream Army Hospital, which specialized in plastic surgery. Many RAF pilots were airlifted to Ream Hospital after the Battle of Britain.”

Are you tired of local World War II stories? No? Good. Here are more from our archives:

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An Abominable Situation: When local school district officials called on local black students to change their school year so they could harvest crops in the fall, black leaders said no.

Another lost soul on enemy soil: A young German prisoner war escaped one of South Florida’s camps and killed himself.

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