Neighbors want beached 35-foot houseboat in Jupiter hauled away

Dec 15, 2017
The houseboat had been anchored about 100 feet offshore at Burt Reynolds Park West in Jupiter (Photo/Bill DiPaolo)

A 35-foot houseboat has washed ashore near Burt Reynolds Park West in Jupiter, and some residents want the “eyesore” hauled away.

“They should give the owner a reasonable amount of time, maybe seven days. But that boat is dangerous. It needs to be removed,” said Tom Kataras, a boater who lives in Jupiter Cove.

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The blue and white houseboat is one of many derelict vessels Jupiter residents have complained about floating and sunk in Jupiter waterways. The houseboat had been anchored about 100 feet off shore, just north of the public boat docks.

Most of the un-seaworthy boats in the Jupiter are near Burt Reynolds Park, Fullerton Island, Indiantown Road and DuBois Park.

An orange tag was placed Wednesday on the houseboat by the Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department. The tag gives the owner 24 hours to remove the vessel.

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The houseboat was still beached Friday afternoon at the park north of Indiantown Road, near the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse.

County officials are working with the owner to have the boat moved, said Parks and Recreation Executive Director Eric Call.

“I’m pretty confident that by Wednesday we will have that boat moved. We have to find somebody to tow it and find a place to store it,” Call said.

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The boat owner could be forced to pay a $500 fine and the cost of moving and storing the boat, said Call.

Mooring a boat on Palm Beach County park property is illegal, according to Palm Beach County regulations.

Some Jupiter residents say the abandoned boats are dangerous to boaters and kayakers. They say the abandoned vessels spill pollution into the waterways.

Jupiter officials say they have removed six derelict vessels in Jupiter waterways since 2016. They are working to remove more, they said at a recent town council meeting.