Lake Worth’s Shred Shed gears up for Street Painting Festival

Updated Feb 23, 2018
Kathie Lee Gifford

Joe Varricchio, owner of Shred Shed, a new Lake Worth skateboard shop on Lake Avenue looks a little nervous.

With the city’s popular Street Painting Festival about to hit town, Varricchio, admits he doesn’t really know what to expect. “I hope to see 100,000 people walk by here this weekend,” he says. “But I have no clue since I have nothing to compare it to.”

He said to make more money, he’s filled up his store with more merchandise and shirts. “Trying to make people understand Shred Shed is in Lake Worth now,” he said. “I’ve heard a lot about the festival and this is the time of year people are supposed to make money.”

As far as how much money he’ll make, Varricchio said he has no idea.

Varricchio has two employees, but his wife and another worker will be coming in to help.

More than 600 artists are expected to participate in the festival, turning downtown Lake Worth into a giant outdoor art gallery.