Lake Worth movie theater closes for a week for renovations

12:00 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 3, 2017 Local
Stonzek Theatre in Lake Worth will be closed until Thursday for renovations.

Looking to watch a film at the Stonzek Theatre at the Lake Worth Playhouse?

Well, wait about a week, since the theater will be closed for renovations starting Dec. 1 and running through Thursday.

“We’re adding platforms and new, movie theater-style seats,” said Moises Reyes, a box office associate. “We’re super excited about it.”

When the theater re-opens next week, two new films will be playing Dec. 8-14.

The first movie is “The Florida Project,” about a 6-year-old and her rebellious mother who live week to week at “The Magic Castle,” a budget motel run by a stern manager.

The second film is “Tangerine,” a comedy about a young prostitute who is planning to get back at her pimp boyfriend she heard cheated on her while she was locked up.