Lake Worth achieves bill parity with FPL

Feb 06, 2018
Lake Worth Mayor Pam Triolo standing in front of commissioners  speaks on  bill parity at Tuesday’s press conference.

Lake Worth’s Electric Utility has finally achieved bill parity with Florida Power & Light Co., Mayor Pam Triolo said Tuesday.

“Your electric bill should not be considered a reason to consider leaving,” Triolo said during a short press conference at City Hall. “We not only matched FPL’s bill we did even better. If you took a bill from an average resident customer and put it beside an FPL bill, we are now 18 cents less.”

Ed Liberty, Electric Utility director, said the biggest step in making this happen was Lake Worth in 2014 renegotiating its contract with Orlando Utilities Commission. 

“That allowed us to reduce the costs from the prior years,” Liberty said. “We also held off on filling positions. We’ve had some attrition and taken advantage of that as well.”

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