FLASHBACK: Remember when Trump’s Mar-a-Lago caught fire?

6:30 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2017 Local
(Palm Beach Post staff file photo)

Remember when flames scorched Mar-a-Lago?  

Yes, you heard right — but it wasn’t much of a blaze. When the small fire left then-businessman Donald Trump’s estate smoldering in June of 1990, the damage didn’t extend past the servants’ wing.  

And though Trump was big in the news at the time — his marriage to his first wife, Ivana, was all over the tabloids, and newspapers were shaking out the first details of Trump’s financial difficulties — the fire didn’t make the front page of The Palm Beach Post.  

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Instead, it was on the second page of the Local News section under the headline, “Blaze causes $50,000 damage to Mar-a-Lago wing.”  

This article was published in The Palm Beach Post on June 8, 1990. (Palm Beach Post archives)

No members of Trump’s family were home, a Palm Beach Fire-Rescue spokesman told The Post. And even the servants’ wing itself “was mostly deserted because the season has ended,” the article noted.  

The cause of the fire: faulty wiring.  

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“It was electrical,” the Fire-Rescue spokesman told The Post. “There was a lot of different wiring in the area where it started. It’s not suspicious.”  

The $50,000 in damages was mostly ceilings, walls and furniture.  

At the time, a Trump spokesman in New York declined to comment to The Post: “We have no comment for Florida. We just aren’t interested in talking to the press right now.”

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