Chocolate milk thief caught on camera breaking in through roof of Boca shop, police say

Jan 23, 2018
James Bungay

BOCA RATON — A pet shop owner watched a live surveillance camera feed show a burglar break in through the roof of his Boca Raton store, steal cash from the register and chocolate milk from the fridge just before midnight Saturday, according to Boca Raton police.

The owner, Matt Aschendorf, realized The Paw Depot was being burglarized when he saw a stranger’s legs dangling from the ceiling through a live feed from the shop’s surveillance cameras, Aschendorf told WPBF News.

The alleged burglar, later identified as James Bungay, of Jupiter, shattered roof tiles of an adjacent shop and broke into The Paw Depot through the a shared ceiling, police say. 

Bungay, 30, wore gloves, a hooded jacket and face wrap at the time. Bungay spotted a surveillance camera and immediately turned away from it, police say.

Police identified Bungay in part because the masked burglar stole chocolate milk from the store’s refrigerator, and police found Bungay soon afterward in possession of the same chocolate milk, the police report reads.

Bungay also snatched $912 from the cash register, the report says. He had a screwdriver, a vise-grip tool and gloves with him.

Aschendorf called police while the burglary was still underway. An officer arrived at the shop, at 1393 W Palmetto Park Road, while Bungay was still inside and saw him stick his head out of the back door.

Bungay was arrested and faces charges of burglary, possession of burglary tools and criminal mischief. He remains in Palm Beach County Jail with bond set at $21,000.