Cancer group leader’s husband gets a shock; now he’s on right bike path

Feb 06, 2018
Linda and Joel Moses, who live west of Boynton Beach, at a recent Miami Dolphins Cancer Challenge. (Handout: Kay Renz Public Relations)

As the president of Pap Corps , an organization that raises money for the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center in Miami, Linda Moses has been happy to partner with the Miami Dolphins Cancer Challenge — the event raises money for the same cause.

But this year’s event, on Saturday , will be more meaningful for the suburban Boynton Beach resident.

It’s the first time Moses’ husband will bike in the challenge since his own cancer diagnosis.

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“I’m a very lucky guy,” said Joel Moses, 78. “I’m a walking advertisement for colonoscopies.”

That’s how Moses learned he had colon cancer.

He went for his annual colonoscopy in late 2016 — what he thought could be his last because of his age.

Moses didn’t have symptoms when doctors diagnosed him with cancer. He had surgery and then chemotherapy, which he completed in July. He’s now cancer-free.

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Moses has loved cycling for the past 10 years. Even chemo didn’t stop him from that. Moses said he’d have treatments every two weeks and the week after he’d feel good enough to take a ride.

He’s rode in the DCC before his diagnosis and Saturday he’ll ride 52 miles with his 50-year-old son, Glenn Moses. Linda will run the 5K.

The DCC started in 2010 and is part of the Miami Dolphins Foundation. All participant-raised money goes to cancer research at the Sylvester Center. Participants have raised more than $22.5 million, according to the DCC website.

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Pap Corps, also known as Champions for Cancer Research, has raised about $100 million for the Sylvester Center. The Corps is named for Dr. George Papanicolaou, who introduced the Pap smear to help diagnose cervical cancer. A group of cancer cure activists started the organization in 1952 and it has grown to 53 chapters in the tri-county area, Linda Moses said.

Linda became involved when she and her husband moved here from New Jersey about 10 years ago. She thought it’d be a way to make friends and ended up uncovering a true passion. She’s been president for nearly two years.

The two chose Sylvester for Joel’s treatment and their experience confirmed Linda’s confidence in the center and her organization’s work for cancer research.

“All of a sudden, boom, you’re in need of it yourself,” she said.