Voting on March 14? See who’s on your town’s ballot in Palm Beach County

Here are all the municipal candidates and referendum questions on the March 14 ballot in Palm Beach County. Incumbents are indicated with an (i). Click on hyperlinked names for more information about the candidates and referenda.


City Commission Seat B

Yousef Muslet

Steve B. Wilson (i)



Susan Haynie (i)

Alfred Zucaro

City Council Seat A

Scott Singer (i)

Patty Dervishi

City Council Seat B (plurality wins)

Emily Gentile

Andrea Levine O’Rourke

Andy Thomson


City Commission District 2 (majority needed)

Jim DeVoursney

Woodrow Hay

Mack McCray (i)


City Commission Seat 2 (plurality wins)

Richard Alteus

Kelly Barrette

Anneze Barthelemy

Jim Chard

City Commission Seat 4

Shirley Johnson

Josh Smith Jr.



Joel Flores

Jonathan Pearce

City Council District 5 (plurality wins)

Michael Albert

Paula Bousquet (i)

Bill Kluth


Town Commission (top 5 vote getters win)

Paul Lyons Jr. (i)

Julio Martinez

Scott Morgan (i)

Martin O’Boyle

Joan Orthwein (i)

Thomas Stanley (i)

Donna White (i)



Ron Brown

Carl Feldman

Town Commission (3-year term)

Barry Donaldson

Rhoda Zelniker (i)

Town Commission (2-year term) (plurality wins)

Melissa Ebbs

Carl Lee Gehman

Elyse Pat Riesa



Michael Brown (i)

David Karpinia

JUPITER (majority needed)

Town Council First District

Teri Grooms

Wayne Posner (i)

Carol “CD” Watson

Town Council Second District

Ron Delaney (i)

Heidi Epstein

Ben Klug


Town Council Group 2

Malcolm Lewis (i)

Paul Shalhoub



Steve Hockman

Michael O’Rourke

Town Commission (majority needed)

Hollis Langer

Lawrence “Larry” Malanga

Charlemagne Metayer

Roger Michaud

LAKE WORTH (majority needed)

City Commission District 2

Omari Hardy

William Joseph

Christopher McVoy (i)

City Commission District 4

Maryann Polizzi

Herman Robinson

Ellie Whittey

Ballot question

Shall commissioners and the mayor be elected for three-year terms instead of the current two-year terms, beginning March 2018?


Town Council Group 3

Thomas Deringer (i)

Edward Shropshire

Town Council Group 4

Philip Aridas (i)

Suzanne Gordon


Town Council Seat 5

David DeMarois

Tom Goltzené (i)

Ballot question

Shall the town issue up to $6 million in 30-year bonds to pay for road improvements, to be paid off with local option gas tax revenue and the town’s share of the one-cent local government sales-surtax revenue?


Village Council Group 2

Susan Tiedemann Bickel

Brent Keller


Town Commission (top 2 vote-getters win)

Richard Bajakian

James Bonfiglio (i)

Donald Magruder

Nan Yablong

PALM BEACH GARDENS (majority needed)

City Council Group 1

Mark Marciano

Michael Paolercio

City Council Group 3

Ron Berman

Kathryn Gettinger

Matthew Lane

City Council Group 5

Kevin Easton

Rachelle Ann Litt

Joseph Russo Jr.

George Wicker

Ballot question

Voters in the unincorporated area of Palm Beach County that includes Osprey Isles, The Star of David Cemetery of The Palm Beaches, West Palm Beach Fire Station No. 8 and Carleton Oaks will be asked whether they support or oppose being annexed by Palm Beach Gardens.


Ballot questions

Question 1: Shall the town issue up to $5.5 million in 20-year bonds to pay to bury electric, cable television and telephone utility lines underground?

Question 2: Shall the town charter be changed to conform with state law for recall of elected officials and referendum with zoning changes?

Question 3: Shall the town charter be changed to eliminate the unused position of tax collector; detail the mayor’s authority, including the power to fill a vacancy in an appointed position; and set residency requirements for the planning and zoning board?

Question 4: Shall the town charter be changed to create at-large commission seats for election purposes and to clarify the powers and responsibilities of the town commission?

Question 5: Shall the town charter be changed to allow town commissioners to vote to pay themselves a salary or stipend for their service, with the provision that the pay would not become effective until the term following the term when the ordinance was adopted?


Village Council District 1

Dawn Marie Cox

Douglas Gunther (i)


Village Council Group 2

David Swift (i)

Richard Valuntas

Village Council Group 4

Renatta Adan-Espinoza

Jan Rodusky (i)


City Commission Seat 1

Esther Berry (i)

Nepoleon Collins

City Commission Seat 3

Betty Barnard

Taranza McKelvin (i)

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