Dinosaurs on loose (again) in West Palm… this time at mayor’s address

Jan 26, 2018
Honey, did you see something? ‘Life, uh, finds a way,’ even at an annual State of the City address. (Courtesy of City of West Palm Beach)

Dinosaurs are on the loose again.

Fresh off photo-bombing an MSNBC newscast at the Meyer Amphitheatre last month, and standing in for the under-repair bronze of developer Henry Rolfs in the Okeechobee Boulevard median on Tuesday, four merry men in out-sized T-Rex costumes made a mad dash across a Palm Beach County Convention Center ballroom Wednesday, just as Mayor Jeri Muoio completed her annual State of the City Address.

The mayor concluded her upbeat, 30-minute speech with a bit of advice for the 900 attendees: “Whatever you do, remember to have fun.”

That was the cue.

Though previously outed as West Palm businessmen, the group “for some unknown reason” now desires to remain “somewhat” unnamed, said businessman and blogger Aaron Wormus, who, let’s just say, is familiar with them. We can refer to them as Anonymousaurus Rex, he said.

Wormus said the mayor was on vacation in Mexico when she saw the MSNBC broadcast in December, in which three of the men in their $50 costumes pranced on the grass in the background as oblivious correspondent Hallie Jackson reported seriously on the arrival of Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago. (Jackson later said in a Tweet that she’d been reporting “live from Jurassic Park.”) The mayor asked if Wormus might arrange for a dinosaur denouement for her speech.

The rest is, well, history.