Dinner? Train slices semi in half, sending chicken, beef flying

Dec 13, 2017
Crews in Lakeland were working to clear the scene after a train crashed into a tractor-trailer carrying meat that was stalled on the tracks.

A semi stalled on a Florida railroad track was sliced in two after a train smashed into it just before midnight Tuesday, news reports stated.

Frozen boxes of chicken, beef and seafood — the truck’s load — spilled onto the ground after the crash created a meaty mess to clean up in Lakeland, according to Fox 13

And as no one was injured, some neighbors immediately thought about dinner. 

While Colorado and Meat Seafood Co. employees were tossing the food into a dumpster, people began pulling it out. 

"People are hungry," Jessie Woulard told Fox 13. "Some people are so hungry they'll wash it off. Everybody needs something. It's Christmas."

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