A handful of Floridians are winning the lottery so often that luck alone can't explain their success. The maps and charts below show where the most prolific winners won, which games they played, and how much the stores in your neighborhood paid out in winnings.





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Analysis by Lawrence Mower and Fedor Zarkhin; data visualizations by Michelle Quigley

ABOUT THE DATA: The Post analyzed Florida Lottery data between 2003 and August 2013 to find the most prolific winners. They’re ranked by how often they cashed in winning tickets. The Post asked Skip Garibaldi, a professor at Emory University and associate director of the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics at UCLA, to estimate the minimum these prolific winners would have to spend to have a chance to win so often. Garibaldi analyzed most of their wins, the odds to win each game and how much it costs to play each game. He calculated the amount each winner would have to spend to have a 1-in-20-trillion chance of winning so often. In reality, that chance is so remote that nearly all the winners would have to spend much more than the estimated minimum to win. The estimated spending is greater than the winnings for all but one of the winners, meaning nearly all would have lost money. Red flags for the lottery to pay attention to: winning tickets bought across many dates at many stores; sudden winning streaks; jobs at convenience stores.

SOURCE: Florida Lottery; Palm Beach Post research.