It's National French Toast Day! Here are 7 of the best in town

Breakfast is all some of us crave when we wake up — and that’s no matter what time of day that happens. There’s just something about biting into warm pancakes, savory meats and popping berries with a side of coffee as chaser. 

And french toast is one of those “give it to me any time” breakfast dishes that makes us feel all warm and happy inside. 

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So for National French Toast Day — because the Internet celebrates nearly every food we know and because you can celebrate anytime you want — here are 7 restaurants in Palm Beach County offering some of the tastiest slices of French toast (aka geometric pieces of heaven):


Not only does Dune Deck offer some of the best ocean views in the county, but OHEMGEEE... the Creme Bruleed French Toast is a thing of miracles. Imagine: a French toast version of bread pudding, soaked, then baked, then torched and served. *My mouth is already watering.* It’s moist on the instead, but definitely not wet, and the outside crunch from the brulee is so enjoyable, you’ll want to indulge in complete silence. 

One is more than enough to share between two people, so consider it a perfect Sunday brunch date. If you salty-sweet kind of breakfast eater, I recommend getting a breakfast plate and sharing the bruleed French toast as a dessert. 

Info: The Dune Deck Cafe; 100 N Ocean Blvd, Lantana; (561) 582-0472. Pro Tip: Bring Cash, it’s all they take. The ATM charge fee is $3. 

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This is my favorite French toast in Palm Beach County, so far. It has the perfect consistency of a classic French toast, but the bread has the charm and taste of a Cinnabon. Your order comes with two of the babies, and that’s more than enough, but you also get your choice of eggs, potatoes or hash browns on the side. 

Feeling curious? Look at all the French toast options and get one of each because Tom Sawyer Restaurant is basically a mad scientist when it comes to French toast inventions: have cream cheese stuffed, croissant french toast, short stack french toast, and Challah bread french toast. 

Info: Tom Sawyer Restaurant and Pastry; 1759 NW Boca Raton Blvd, Boca Raton; 561-368-4634. Pro Tip: Pancakes and French toast aren’t made after 11:30 a.m., so go early!

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For $12, this is one of the best options at this West Palm waterfront spot. Bradley’s French toast is a cinnamon dusted, almond covered Challah that is done simply but right. You get a classic French toast with this one with your choice of crispy bacon or sausage. Plus: Views. 

Info: E.R. Bradley's. 104 N Clematis St, West Palm Beach; 561-833-3520.


Foodgasmic! Boston’s on the beach often features different French toast options so ask them what they have before you arrive. Right now, they’re offering a cookies-and-creme-battered French toast topped with a ricotta whipped cream and a hot chocolate drizzle. In the past, they’ve also featured a coconut-cream stuffed French toast (pictured above). 

Info: Boston’s on the Beach; 40 S. Ocean Blvd. Delray Beach; 561-278-3364.


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Okay, so Berry Fresh is French toast crazy like Tom Sawyer, and I love it. You’ve got four options to choose from, all made with Challah bread: 

  1. The O.M.G. Strawberry Stuffed French toast is stuffed with strawberry jam and cream cheese, rolled in corn flakes and served with whipped cream, fresh strawberries and warm syrup. 
  2. The Challah Bread French toast is their most humble one, sprinkled with cinnamon and powder sugar. 
  3. The Coconut French toast is rolled in fresh, toasted coconut and then grilled. It has cinnamon and powder sugar too. 
  4. Lastly, the Bananas and Blueberries foster French toast is stuffed with cream cheese, served with bananas and topped with blueberries sautéed in butter. It has brown sugar, cinnamon and dark rum.  

Two locations: 3755 Military Trail, Jupiter; 561-401-5693 | 1429 SE Federal Highway, Stuart; 772-324-8287.


Anything fried is always delicious, though the guilt kicks in immediately after eating it. (Thank goodness this hot spot for the beautiful is just a couple blocks from Flagler. Take a walk after going all in on this sinful breakfast choice.) The Crispy French toast at Table 26 is deep-fried with strawberries and whipped cream. This stylish restaurant is one of the  most popular a la carte brunches in town. 

Info: Table 26. 1700 S Dixie Hwy; West Palm Beach; 561-855-2660. 

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The French toast at this favorite chain restaurant has extra thick slices of rustic French Bread baked and grilled golden brown. Topped with Powdered Sugar.

Info: 701 S Rosemary Ave; West Palm Beach; 561-802-3838.

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