Thing to Have: Wawa

Dec 26, 2017
Corvaya Jeffries

The place: Wawa, All South Florida locations

Why you’re there: People are serious about their Wawa. It’s the gas station-slash-go-to coffee house and deli with loyal customers who worship the private company's made-to-order hoagies like they’re pure gold. 

You’re at a Wawa this holiday season because your eyes are being to cross from all the miles you’re driving to get to family or you’re tired of Publix subs and want to try something new — see what the hype is all about. Or what’s more likely is that you’re one of those Wawa fanatics. 

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Whether you pull into the traveler’s safe haven out of love or the need to refuel, you’re there now. In Wawa world. So get to your nearest touch screen and order this sub combination. 

The Thing to Have is:

The Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak Hoagie, customized of course. ($6) 

You think Parmesan Cheese won't make a difference in the taste of the sub but oh, are you wrong. 

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Find it at:

*Both locations open 24 hours