Neighborhood Gem: Get holiday comfort in a cup with Taco Chula's homemade horchata

Dec 22, 2017

What’s better than digging your spoon into a bowl of creamy, cinnamon-y rice pudding? The homemade horchata at Taco Chula.

Close your eyes and take a sip – it’s the essence of rice pudding, but in liquid form. You get the richness, the touch of cinnamon, the round notes we love in rice pudding. That’s because the drink is made from, yes, rice.

It’s soaked in water with cinnamon sticks, then strained, sweetened and chilled. They serve it on tap at the Palm Beach Gardens taco shop alongside homemade hibiscus tea and tamarind agua fresca.

It makes a perfect, cool pairing for any of Taco Chula’s spicier meats. And, honestly, I could drink it by the gallon.

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Make a visit to Taco Chula: 10800 North Military Trail #108 (in the Abbey Road Plaza)